Did you see the warning from Bill O’Reilly that any attack on the Electoral College is an attempt to strip the “white establishment” of its constitutional rights?

Yep, he says the lefties want to satisfy minorities by targeting those who practice sound honest government. “Therefore,” he says,”white working class voters must be marginalized”. To parse O’Reilly’s unrivaled non-sequiturs, one must accept the reality that all white working class voters live on farms.

That’s because liberals are increasingly reliant on minority voters, Billo says. Can’t allow that to happen, folks, if you call yourself a proud white American surviving in a pasture..

Let me see if I can help Bill out of his current brainwreck.

Bill, the only white establishment in my state of Ohio assembles in the Statehouse. For the most part, they are little more than Hoofbeaters who are well fed and pampered by pushy white guys with lots of money who are not too proud to buy a fellow a drink so long as he looks after the interests of the generous host. Mainstream media prefer to refer to them as democracy in action with lawmakers doing the people’s work.

And it works very well. In Ohio, the White establishment elects 12 of the 16 congressmen from fiercely gerrymandered districts without much effort. The same forces jam minorities into urban centers to concede four Democrats to the other side. Republicans like the system a lot even though a minority president twice carried the state while Republicans were piling up big advantages in the legislature and congress.

So Bill, you are rich, you are pampered by a sea of conservatives and you have everything else that Macy’s doesn’t have, with one exception: You are often irrational, unhappy and vindictive and appear to be more of a silly fool every day.

Take what you already have, Bill. And leave your grade school civics lessons to more qualified others.

Oh, as far as the Electoral College is concerned: As Alexander Hamilton once explained it, it was “to preserve the sense of the people,” while ensuring that a president is chosen “by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”

As you can see , Bill, it isn’t fail-safe. And you can’t possibly blame the lefties for that.