It’s been a busy week for our next president, Donald Trump, as he returned to his campaign mode with his audience chanting “lock her up”. In the spirit of the holiday season, he’s packed his cabinet nominees with a goon squad, giving them an opportunity to advance their own grievances against the departments they will serve.

Rick Perry, for example, is Herr Trump’s choice to head the Energy Department, the very operation that he vowed to eliminate when he ran for president. And Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who has long scorned climate change science, will doubtless carry on his de facto war on cleaner air and water by ridding us of the Environmental Protection Agency.

And Betsy Devos, a billionaire champion of charter schools at the expense of public schools, has been nominated – yep – to run the Department of Education.

Foxes in the chicken coops, right?

But Trump doesn’t have any interest in explaining why he’s so enamored of Wall Streeters by nominating so many from its brass to his cabinet. (Got that West Virginians who figured the president-elect was really on their side?)

We’re still waiting for him to give official titles to weaklings like Speaker Paul Ryan. My hunch is that Ryan, who obviously has no claim as a profile in courage, will be named to perform janitorial duties in the House. Trump also will have around Mike Pence to show evangelicals that God is on his side.

Fa la la, la …