fullscreen-capture-10202016-112424-amDonald Trump rocketed himself into Wisconsin this week, not as the president-elect but as forever  the candidate with leftover bluster, boasts and arm-swinging theatrics he may have learned from an old Tarzan movie.  But we shouldn’t  have expected anything less ostentatious from the guy who doesn’t need a cup of strong coffee as the stimulant for his day after admiring  himself in the mirror at dawn.

But there was some news to filter out to his audience this time.  He introduced Speaker Paul  Ryan ( to boos) as a “genius” who is like “fine wine”, an unspoken  reference to the campaign days when he was smearing and threatening the declawed Badger.  Now, Ryan is only smiling in Trump’s presence with marked servility in hopes that his master will give him a day off to reflect on his own uselessness.

It was another “Thank you” stop to upstage the  reports of Russian hacking and Vladimir Putin’s honored seat at the  Trump Tower dinner table.  Trump  never lets bad news interrupt his trajectory to the Oval Office. He merely dismisses his dark side with instant denials and moves on to Morning in America.

I would guess that his grand  conclusion to the tour will be a spectacular procession from the airport to the Kremlin led by the Red Army band.   Think that’s crazy?  Isn’t everything that we know about the incoming Trump era?  I mean, Paul Ryan as genius?