Youngstown and now Lorain are in the clutches of the state’s privatization of public education machine. Representative Dan Ramos said in regard to the Lorain takeover in the December 4 Chronicle-Telegram: “A takeover just doesn’t feel right here. It comes off like someone needing to come in and teach us poor folk how to get an education. It’s the mentality that only rich people can come in and teach and learn.”
Further Representative Ramos said, “This plan is much worse than people think it is. The CEO has to come in and have a plan for the district to improve, but it also has to find a way to expand charter schools in the district. That’s actually part of the law and I’m terribly concerned that it’s been the plan all along.”
On December 5, Representative Ramos introduced an amendment in the House Education Committee that would delay the state takeover of Lorain until at least the fall of 2018. The Committee Chairman Andrew Brenner succeeded in tabling the amendment.
State officials will do anything to avoid making an adequate investment in educating children who live in poverty. It is ironic that charter schools, in general, demonstrate lower performance than peer public schools in poverty areas, but state policy continues to favor privately-run charters–amazing!
Public-spirited folks in every school community need to oppose the state takeover policy.


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding