We have just received this advanced copy of the Senate Bill 3 Omnibus bill with a list of 29 amendments that will be introduced in the House Education Committee tomorrow.  We have not had a chance to analyze this 188-page replacement legislation, but wanted to get it out to the public as soon as possible.

As we mentioned last Wednesday when we theorized about the problems with Senate Bill 3, it certainly looks at first glance that Ohio’s GOP legislators are looking to push through a plethora of changes without giving the public an appropriate opportunity to respond.  They are up to their same old tricks despite the obvious fact that they could simply re-introduce updated legislation in January as they will clearly still maintain their majority in the General Assembly.  This is simply politics at its worst.

Click this link: Ohio Senate Bill 3 Omnibus to open full document on Scribd or click at the bottom right corner of the inset image to expand to full screen.