In Rep. Jim Renacci’s latest online “Week in Review”, he continued to  bash Hillary Clinton, who, as you may have heard,   “lost” the election.   The Wadsworth Republican, a strong supporter of Donald   Trump. said that although  he found Trump’s notorious sex tape appalling, we couldn’t can’t afford  “four more years of status quo” with Hillary .

Not only that has been factored into his steadfast endorsement of the billionaire.  As one of the wealthiest congressmen  on the Hill, Renacci is doubtless savoring the big income tax cuts Trump has promised.  He also mentioned in his review that he  had “robust” discussions  with the Cleveland Tax Institute and Toledo  Tax Committee about this own tax plan to reduce the  corporate rate that would make the top tier of  America’s wealth great again.

With the election out of the way, Renacci also wanted us to know that his staff participated in the ribbon cutting of a new lice clinic in Middleburg Heights.

Just wanted to advise you that a congressman’s work is never done.