When a resident of Miami Township in Montgomery County went to fetch her mail five days before Election Day this year, stuffed in the middle of the day’s delivered mail was a threatening note that borders on hate speech that gave her great pause.


Threatening/Hate Note: Courtesy, Miami Township Police

The unsigned note, printed in large font, didn’t leave any doubt about its tone and instruction.


The resident, who  asked this reporter not to identify for fear of reprisal or retribution, had a Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine campaign yard sign displayed close to the house. She said her sign was maybe the only one of its kind in the neighborhood, where lots of other pro-Trump signs proclaiming “Deplorable and Proud Of It” and “Lock Her Up,” referring to Donald Trump’s campaign promise to investigate Mrs. Clinton over her private email server, among other accusations about her he made part of his standard stump speeches, were plentiful.

She spoke with a neighbor who was furious about it, who advised her to take it seriously. She did, contacting local law enforcement about the hostile, scary note.

At about 2 pm on Nov. 3, Miami Township Police Officer Pat McCoy visited the scene, spoke to the resident about the incident, then left with the note, promising to write up a report. He did, which was exactly what the resident wanted to put the matter on record.

Officer McCoy’s report said he spoke with the resident, who having voted early for Hillary Clinton, told the officer in person and this reporter by phone, that while she took the note seriously, she wasn’t going to be intimidated.

The officer suggested she shouldn’t worry too much about it, speculating that whomever placed the note in her mailbox likely did the same to others who displayed a Clinton/Kaine campaign yard sign. Indeed, since Nov. 3, nothing has happened, so far.

She has since been alerted that President-elect Donald Trump will be in Cincinnati Thursday evening for a victory tour rally stop. Miami Township Police declined to respond to a question on whether anyone else received the same or similar threaten note, and what this targeted resident could expect in the way of protection in light of the message and the return of Mr. Trump to her region?

A physical therapist now retired, she said her emotions ran from first laughing about how ridiculous it was, to getting mad, to then feeling sadness for the country that such dangerous thinking and activity seems to be on the rise.

And her concern isn’t isolated. A report from The Southern Poverty Law Center shows that 701 incidents of hate crimes directly attributable to Trump’s election have occurred nationwide. As SPLC put it, “it feels like the foundational American promise of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all citizens is in jeopardy.”

About 1,200 miles west of Miami Township in Aurora, Colorado, adjacent to Denver, 25 election-bias related incidents have been recorded by local law enforcement. One of them sported “KKK” spray-painted on an apartment door while another displayed “watch your back” written on a note, the Denver Post reported.

In response to a public records request from Plunderbund, Captain John Magill of the Miami Township Police Department forwarded a digital copy of the report and the note stuffed in the mailbox.