Herr Trump is causing another stir in his wobbly end run to the White House by dismissing  intelligence briefings  as useless busywork for a creature of his towering presence.  That isn’t surprising for one who has boasted that he knows more about ISIS than all of the generals and once praised Scotland for joining Brexit, which it didn’t.  Putin?   Don’t get me started. Details, right?

He also is so above the madding crowd that he’s now suggesting that he might bar the “failing” New York Times and other unworthy  nuisances of unfair coverage of his campaign.  The idea quickly caught on with Fox’s Sean Hannity, who didn’t see any reason for seating the wretches at his podium when the new president could  call him personally to chat about worldly  policy with unobstructed patter. Hannity and his  Highness could advance bogus news to millions on viewers who would have it no other way.

You my recall that Trump blasted the Broadway show “Hamilton” the other day after a cast brushup with his poodle, Mike Pence, whom you may only know as that fellow with a fixed apprehensive  smile walking alongside of him these days. Pence said he had not minded the post- curtain incident. If anything, Trump could have used an intelligence briefing after slandering  the show’s Pulitzer prize- winning quality.  As with other matters  that obviously are subcutaneous with him,  he said he had “heard” that the show was “highly overrated”  and that the cast couldn’t remember its lines.

We can’t think of time when a single crazed individual could so  cheapen everything from human rights to the long accepted values of a free democratic society.  You will find it in Mein Trumpf.

But Trump demands fairness so we are left to citing his nasty behavior with the words of his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway:

‘L ook, I think he’s thinking of many different  things as he  prepares to become the president of the United States, and things that sound like campaign are not among them.”

You tell me.