There was a little one-man sideshow that virtually no one paid attention to in Washington last week, when the King, Lebron James, and his NBA champion Cavaliers were hosted by President Barack Obama at the White House .

Glomming onto the photo op with Lebron and Barack was Ohio’s term-limited, lame duck governor, John Kasich. Kasich is out in the cold with Trump world, a situation of his own making after displaying his well-known and long-cultivated personality disorder of crusty leader with a better idea.

The former Catholic alter boy who ditched a life of devotion to the Lord for the riches and fame that politics can and did bring, had planned to wow the world with his ideas on how to refashion a broken Republican Party in his own image. Wanting desperately to play the role of creator, as his time in office ends in two years with no place to go, the 64-year old govenror Ohio media water boys keep in play for 2020 abruptly canceled his GOP Genesis moment after the New York billionaire and showman won the day last Tuesday. The Donald beat Ohio’s estranged governor like a drum throughout the long, grueling GOP primary season, then mocked the wayward son of a mailman from Democratic stronghold McKees Rocks, PA, as irrelevant and a non-factor.

What’s a poor career politician to do when your gadfly sideshow is barely noticed instead of taken seriously? Standing outside the White House, not really a part of the story of Obama and James, he told one reporter that if asked he would talk to Trump or to Hillary Clinton had she won. Trump world isn’t reaching out to traitors like Kasich as he showed himself to be during and after the long race in which he lost 49 states, staying in long past when everyone else knew except his paid henchmen knew the score that he wasn’t going to be the chosen one.

Had Kasich “come home” to the Donald, as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Trump running mate called on nervous GOP stalwarts to do, he might have bought himself clemency from banishment and earned himself a long-shot chance for a Trump Administration post. Kasich, who likes to say actions speaks louder than words then acted out by voting for Arizona Sen. John McCain for president, now finds himself wandering in a lame duck desert of his own making. His predictament is pure irony since his entire losing campaign was based on how well he knows Washington to get things done. After all, he spent 18 years there flaying around both in the minority and in the majority, where his last years spent as chairman of the House Budget Committee were massively exaggerated to deceive voters into thinking that he alone was responsible for balancing the federal budget under President Bill Clinton.

The bogus story floated by Kasich sources that Trump world had once offered him the vice president’s slot was confirmed by Eric Trump on a trip to Ohio but only to the extent that Kasich’s name was on a list of possible choices. The offer didn’t happen because Trump junior said no vetting of the governor from Ohio had taken place because he was never seriously being considered. Gov. Mike Pence got the nod instead.

How ironic it is that the leader who brags about how well he knows Washington shamelessly floated the idea he would run everything as VP while Trump was out Making America Great Again. Now he’s so out in the cold ever since Trump thumped Hillary in Ohio last week by such a wide margin. Gov. Kasich’s well know pique at Trump obviously had zero impact on which candidate Ohioans favored. His once high favorability rating has since dipped into the low 40s, as polling shows.

Not to put too fine  point on how on the outs Kasich is with the Donald, Politico reports that “Republicans who opposed or were seen as insufficiently supportive of  Trump have had their entreaties rejected by people around the president-elect, some of whom have expressed wonderment that former bitter critics are now asking for jobs, lobbying leads and even Inauguration tickets.”

“My phone is ringing off the hook with people who were on the outs asking how they can get into Trump world,” said one operative who worked with Trump’s campaign to, according to and “I’m telling them there is no f—ing way they’re getting inside.”

Without naming Kasich specifically, the same source said, “It’s one thing not to have been for him or to have had a disagreement, but if you went out of your way to be an asshole, then we’re not going to be helpful.”

His name could have been on the list of people Trump world is considering for various cabinet and senior staff posts, but his reliably petulant ego has done doused that possibility. His “if it isn’t me I’m not interested attitude” has made him an exile on main street both for Trump world and whatever form a broken GOP refashions itself into.

Kasich loves to invoke the Lord, which he did again, saying he prayed for Donald Trump. That is all too common with him, as he plays the Jesus card, like he did before announcing his candidacy and after shutting it down. He still doesn’t know his purpose in life, and the Lord obviously didn’t have the White House in mind for him this time either.

When you’re hot you’re hot, when you’re not you’r enot, country singer Jerry Reed told us decades ago. And that truth abides today. Notwithstanding Kasich’s religious incantations for grace and salvatiton from the Donald’s new team, he’s no where in sight on the list of potential Trump Cabinet Nominees:

Attorney General: Gov. Chris Christie, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Secretary of Commerce: Christie, Former Nucor CEO Dan DiMicco, Businessman Lew Eisenberg, Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. David Perdue, Former Sen. Jim Talent

Agriculture Secretary: Gov. Sam Brownback, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives CEO Chuck Conner, Gov. Dave Heineman, Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Education: Ben Carson, Hoover Institution fellow William Evers

Secretary of Energy: Venture Capitalist Robert Grady, Businessman Harold Hamm

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Former New Jersey state Sen. Rich Bagger, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Gov. Rick Scott

Secretary of Homeland Security: Christie, Sheriff David Clarke

Secretary of the Interior: Gov. Jan Brewer, Gov. Mary Fallin, Grady Hamm, Oil Executive Forrest Lucas, Rep. Cynthia Lummis, Former Gov. Sarah Palin

Secretary of Defense: Former Gen. Mike Flynn, Stephen Hadley, Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr., Sessions, Former Sen. Jim Talent

Secretary of State: John Bolton, Sen. Bob Corker, Gingrich

Treasury Secretary: Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Businessman Carl Icahn, Banker Steven Mnuchin

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus

Director of Office of Management and Budget: Sessions

Secretary of Labor: EEOC Commissioner Victoria Lipnic

Veterans Affairs: Rep. Jeff Miller

White House Counsel: Donald McGahn