From the daily archives: Thursday, November 10, 2016

For the second time in modern political history a Republican will be seated in the Oval Office after his rival Democrat won the popular vote.  That  was the fate  of Al Gore in 2000 that gave us George W. Bush.  And now, Donald Trump, the unhinged billionaire developer having lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.  Have we all had a good cry, not for our own choice but for the stained reputation of a nation as  the  preferred choice of immigrants who sought more freedom and promise than what they had in their homelands.

With grandparents on both sides […]

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Like much of America, I woke up yesterday morning somewhat hung over, very tired and totally overwhelmed with dread about the fact that Donald Trump had been elected US president.

Then I got  text from my mom that inspired me:  “Dad is online making donations to some of the groups that are going to be hurt by this. He went to bed angry but is thinking ahead whereas I can barely cope.”

That’s so my dad…  Retired cop.  US Navy Veteran.  Environmentalist. And ever the pragmatist.

My dad decided to proactively work to counter Trump’s anti-environment promises by donating to […]

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“Kasich sucks. Sorry excuse my language. He sucks. He has no backbone. He didn’t stand with the Republican Party. He acted like a little brat. We need strong. We don’t need wussies out there.”,” said Dreama Contner, a 51-year-old mental health worker, The Washington Times [TWT] reported Wednesday, in an article about Kasich’s tenuous political future.

John Kasich, who in two years will be out of office and likely out of mind, especially to the new breed of Trump supporters who won’t forget his opposition to Trump’s candidacy and campaign, will be long remembered for breaking his pledge, made […]

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In Harry Truman-esque style, Donald Trump made history Tuesday when he was elected the 45th President-Elect of the United States by defying pundits and pollsters who predicted his demise.

Among Donald Trump’s wave-election Rust Belt state conquests on Tuesday is Ohio, where his win percentage over Hillary Clinton, with 69.32 percent voter turnout out of 7,861,025 registered voters, was almost ten percentage points, 52.2 -43.4, representing a 454,983 positive vote margin for the Republican ticket. Voter turnout in Ohio in 2008 was about 68 percent, while in 2012 it was about 64 percent.

Three other presidential candidates—Gary Johnson, Jill […]

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