One of the repugnant sideshows of Donald  Trump’s campaign has been the reappearance of Rudy Giuliani as the Madman-in-Waiting. Ordinary folks like me couldn’t figure out why he emerged to vigorously say the dumbest of things on behalf of Trump while committing his own dishonor to the archives.

If money talks, then with Giuliani it howls, screeches and barks with threats that Hillary should be locked up.   According to several reports, the former New York City mayor’s law  firm has received nearly a half-million dollars from  hedge fund goliath Robert Mercer, a Trump supporter.

You have to hand it to Rudy, or deliver it to him in any other way.  On Monday, he was already being named as a possible attorney general in a Trump administration. .

  • clambake

    well done DNC! Thank you for hand selecting a candidate with much baggage. Thanks for deciding your fortunes rested with ‘upscale voters”. Thanks for the stupid Russia baiting.
    What a night of triumph for the Ohio Democratic party!
    Will you still have jobs?

  • sufferingsuccatash

    Right on clambake—–The Democratic Party is a hollow shell and needs to be taken over by the left which is something that this website never understood the entire campaign cycle. Now that the Clinton gangster operation has collapsed, it is time to rebuild the party with a younger, fresher base of progressives who sincerely want to change the money laundering operation that both parties have become. Tom Frank has been warning the party for years and when I tried to stress the dangers of blind devotion to Clinton and the DNC on this site I was censored over and over again. Mobilize and be angry about it because the stakes are that high right now.

  • clambake

    But perhaps we should be more inclusive and not go with intergenerational warfare? lets not talk about replacing “old” voters. After all, there was some triumphalism about Obama’s appeal to younger voters How did that work out?

  • clambake

    Oh boy. I looked at the Plunderbund twitter feed… so predictable. They are blaming Stein supporters! Last time I checked she had .8% of the vote in Ohio. Gary Johnson, who more plausibly took votes away from Trump had 3%.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    I should have used fresh faces instead of the old guard by which I meant the bought and paid for bunch who comprise the DNC. As for Obama’s appeal to the young, that melted away when it became clear that he was just a servant of the Wall St. plantation, but resurrected it enthusiasm for Bernie.

  • john curry

    Maybe it is finally time we throw the corporate whores out of our party and finally realize the wisdom of Bernie Sanders, ya’ think? Debbie Wasserman Schultz….you are a traitor to our party.

  • sufferingsuccatash

    We’ll put. And the DNC would not fund his campaign because they really wanted Portman in the seat for an “aye” on TPP.

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