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Giuliani Playing For Big Dollars

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One of the repugnant sideshows of Donald  Trump’s campaign has been the reappearance of Rudy Giuliani as the Madman-in-Waiting. Ordinary folks like me couldn’t figure out why he emerged to vigorously say the dumbest of things on behalf of Trump while committing his own dishonor to the archives.

If money talks, then with Giuliani it howls, screeches and barks with threats that Hillary should be locked up.   According to several reports, the former New York City mayor’s law  firm has received nearly a half-million dollars from  hedge fund goliath Robert Mercer, a Trump supporter.

You have to hand it to […]

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With Sheryl Crow’s song “Woman in the White House” blaring on loud speakers scattered across Independence Mall in Philadelphia, the clear night sky and chilly temperatures were heated up by approximately 60,000 people who showed up to hear and see Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill and daughter Chelsea, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle lay out the stakes on the eve of Election Day 2016 with the kind of eloquence and elocution that great speakers can deliver.

Musical entertainment and political inspiration and guidance was supplied first by Jon Bon Jovi, a long-time ally to Bill Clinton […]

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