Much of the discussion about this presidential race hasn’t revolved around policy and, with less than a week to go to Election Day, that doesn’t seem to be changing.

But there is an important issue facing individuals and families in Ohio and across the country that needs to be discussed: healthcare and the cost of prescription drugs.

Only one candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton, has taken a strong stance on this issue.

Clinton supports a cap on out-of-pocket costs and for holding insurance companies accountable for the high costs of prescription drugs for consumers.  Additionally Clinton also supports a monthly limit on what patients must pay for medicine.

Clinton’s plan would “cap monthly and annual out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs to save patients with chronic or serious health conditions hundreds or thousands of dollars… Up to a million Americans could benefit from this proposal every year.”

And Clinton’s plan “will require health insurance plans to place a monthly limit of $250 on covered out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for individuals to provide financial relief for patients with chronic or serious health conditions, ensuring Americans can get the care their doctors prescribe.”

Trump and his Presidential campaign have largely been short on meaningful policy positions that actually impact people.  His silence on the issue of the costs of prescription drugs is par for the course and unacceptable.

Clinton understands that the price of prescription drugs is a burden for many Ohioans, and she has laid out a policy proposal to address the issue and force insurance companies to stop gouging consumers.

This is just one more reason Secretary Clinton is the only serious candidate, and the only candidate with practical solutions to the issues regular Ohioans face every day.