When Eric Trump arrived at a Fairlawn church  this week as the ghost of Christians past, he struck  a nerve that assured him of a friendly audience.  Speaking at the Presentation of  Our Lord Romanian Orthodox Church as the certain crowd pleaser for the Summit County Republican Party’s annual Oktoberfest fund raiser, Trump lamented that religion is besieged in America and that when his father is president we will be able to say “Merry Christmas” again. Cool.  As you are well aware, that wouldn’t happen if that woman  became president.

“Religion in this country is under attack, and that’s going to change,”  Eric Trump was quoted in the Beacon Journal.  Inasmuch as the GOP is mainly sensitive to Evangelicals, it would be fair to assume that he’s talking about Christians.

What wouldn’t change, of course, are  his father’s attacks on Muslims, and whoever else comes to Dad’s mind.

The Merry Christmas part has been a canard for years on the Christian right. And we await a possible Bill O’Reilly  book on the killing of Christmas. Such  exclusivity to protect Christians from the pagans’ Coliseum is locked into the culture of the conservatives, and it will go nowhere other than the pockets of avenging politicians and some opportunistic clergy mired in the protests of lost religious freedoms.

Oh.  Speaking of the Summit County Republican Party:  Will this be the first presidential election in which Chairman Alex  Arshinkoff, forever voluble in the past,  and his surrogates will not  be cited in the Beacon Journal boosting their candidate? Who cannot forget the fracas over Arshinkoff’s big yard sign at his Hudson home boosting Bush?  Frankly, I sort of miss the political circus that has  morphed into deadly silence.

I would inquire about it, but I’ve been on the local GOP’s enemy’s list for a couple of years.   And, I should add, for good reason.

Merry Christmas!