Ohio born and raised, Deborah A. Loewer retired from the United States Navy as a Rear Admiral and served as George Bush’s White House Situation Room director on 9/11.

A life-long Republican, she voted for Hillary Clinton for president this year, because Republican nominee Donald Trump has demonstrated, at least to her, that he doesn’t have the patience, experience, emotional fortitude and temperament to be president.

On Friday’s call arranged by Clinton Ohio campaign officials ahead Donald Trump’s visit to Wilmington today, Rear Admiral Lower told reporters that she was at the side of President George W. Bush on 911. During her segment on the call, that included Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, she said she “crossed the line” and voted for Mrs. Clinton, as a resident of Virginia, not Ohio, where she intends to relocate to her hometown, Springfield, as a caregiver.

She said her calculus would have been harder had another Republican, possibly Gov. John Kasich, been the GOP nominee instead of Trump. She supported Kasich in the Ohio primary, adding that had he been her party’s nominee, “that would have been a big challenge, it would have been tough.”

Ohio’s term-limited governor was beaten badly this year, when  he tried for the second time since 2000 to mount a campaign for president. He lost 49 state contests and won his one win in Ohio with less than 50 percent of the vote. He won’t be governor in another two years, yet mainstream media water boys are actively pushing his name for the 2020 race, which could start as early as next Thursday.

“When I look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me ? to think of her being their boss? I don’t think so,” Trump said at a rally in Selma, North Carolina, the Huffington Post wrote. That caught Loewer’s attention, she said, about men in the military not respecting or accepting a woman as Commander-in-Chief. It demonstrated to her Trump’s lack of understanding and awareness that women have been serving quite honorable alongside of men in all branches of military for years.

Citing her 37 years working in the highest levels of government, she noted with considerable pride her close relationship to President Bush, that demanded she provide him with the best information for national security. “I know first hand the qualities needed for Commander-in-Chief, and I don’t trust him [Trump] to pull it together under pressure.” She noted for reporters on the call that Trump is so erratic and undisciplined that a campaign staffer has to help him manage his Twitter account, a reality that informs her that the New York billionaire and reality TV star cannot be trusted with nuclear codes.

“Let’s be serious about this,” she said, “Hillary Clinton has a wealth of experience, and the world is an interconnected place, what we do here affects the rest of the world.” Mrs. Clinton understands that, Loewer said, adding that she doesn’t make erratic comments. She said it’s a “clear call” to her that Clinton puts national security above politics, and that she cannot imagine Donald Trump even sitting in a chair in situation room, whereas Mrs. Clinton has been there before, “leading our nation during stressful and dangerous times.”

In the closing days before Election Day next Tuesday, Clinton campaign officials in Ohio and across the nation are drilling down on their belief that Trump would encourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons around the world. Insulting allies and praising several authoritarian dictators show his weakness as a world leader. Encouraging a foreign government like Russia to hack Americans contrasts him like day and night with Hillary Clinton, who accepts the red flags from the U.S. Intelligence community that the Russian government is doing dirty work for Trump.

Mayors Ginther and Whaley echoed the Clinton’s campaign line of attack that Trump’s America is one where deep divisions on gender, race and creed are sought. Women are diminished to a number and their consent is no matter, African Americans live in poverty with no jobs, no education, no future, people with disabilities are stigmatized, veterans aren’t strong, immigrants are criminals and rapists, climate change is a hoax, marriage is not equal, workers are stiffed and being “unpredictable” with nuclear weapons are all Trump’s goals.

Hillary Clinton and her surrogates, most notably President Barack Obama, are barnstorming key battleground states, like Ohio, to drive home the message that everything is at stake in this election and “nothing will change” if Trump is elected because “we know who he is.” One of Clinton’s top, most respected surrogates, First Lady Michelle Obama, says the presidency doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.