It has not been a good day for the American Dream.  With voters preparing to roll the dice on the nation’s future we’ve wearily tried to keep score on our Imperfect Union.  It isn’t reassuring.  Indeed, it has become increasingly ugly in the Trump Era:

It now appears that the Republican presidential nominee has not only  avoided paying personal income taxes, he has also found a way to pass off any Medicare taxes to those of us not smart enough to escape them.  He claimed no more than  $14,222 personal income in 2015, the last damning figures available from him suggesting his method of sneaking out of Medicare taxes with a billion-dollar empire.

There’s more sprouting from the current inclement weather:

There were continued reports of the Ku Klux Klan campaigning for him.

A black Baptist church in Mississippi was set afire and vandalized with a call to “vote for Trump” sprayed on the side.

A white supremacist known to wave Confederate flags  in front of black groups was arrested and charged  with killing two police officers in Iowa.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, three white guys, d.b.a. U.S. Senators,  decided to take no chances and condemned any Clinton Supreme Court nominee without a clue as to the names of her choices.

There was no progress in finding  a  Brave New World synonym for Republican leaders  (?) like Senate Majority leader  Mitch McConnell and
Speaker Paul Ryan who have been scorched by Trump and have now swallowed what little of their pride and honor remains and declared their support for him.  What shall we call them?  Pathetic weasels?

I’m ready to stop this American Dream and get off before Trump makes it still greater.