Ohio’s quirky, petulant and off-putting governor, who tried in vain this election season to convince Republicans that he was the “adult in the room” candidate for president, showed just how childish he is, and how silly a seasoned silly season politico can get when his terribly bruised super ego gets so out of whack that he just doesn’t give a hoot anymore.

That was the case Monday when Ohio Gov. John Kasich showed the world how dysfunctional his mindset is by casting his precious vote for a candidate who isn’t running for president, and who isn’t on a long list of approved write-in candidates in Ohio.

The trumped up line water boys for Kasich offer to mask his flagrant idiocy of voting for a candidate like Arizona Senator John McCain, who’s the equivalent of voting for Mickey Mouse, is that the throw-away vote was symbolic. It was symbolic, for sure, but for all the wrong reasons. Previously, on many occasions after he dropped out of the race on May 4, Ohio’s grumpy term-limited lame duck governor vowed that he could not and should not vote for Donald Trump, the outlier real estate braggadocio from New York City who beat Kasich and a tribe of 15 other political pros this year like a drum. Recall, Kasich raised his hand during the GOP’s first presidential debate in Cleveland in early August last year and promised to vote for the party’s nominee. So much for that his word is his bond thing.

Kasich been mostly out of sight in Ohio after his 49-state losing campaign flopped, but very in-sight in other states where he’s taken his taxpayer funded protection squad with him as he campaigns for other down ballot Republicans. With no explanation, the Westerville Wizard says he won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Firmly ensconced in his own cement bubble, John Kasich may deny it, but an army of Republicans who love Republican candidates are rallying to Hillary Clinton’s cause, explaining their shift in detail while the former Fox News TV talk show host stays tongued-tied about his antipathy toward Mrs. Clinton.

Gov. Kasich could have shown some leadership, something he says he knows how to do, by not wasting his vote on someone not running for president. A better choice would have been Libertarian Party candidate, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. whose record in New Mexico, combined with his policy pronouncements on taxes, spending, deficits and balanced budgets, among other issues, match up quite well with Kasich’s own pitch on these same issues.

Of course, John Kasich could have done what everyone knows he wanted to do deep down in his heart of hearts, vote for John Kasich. Writing in his own name would have made more sense than writing in McCain out west in Arizona. Spending other people’s money like it’s his own—which for Donald Trump and his dubious charitable foundation is just another day of doing business the Trump way—Gov. Kasich has doled out $2,700 from Kasich for America, his presidential political committee, to every Republican in a competitive Senate race.

If a political leader like John Kasich, who has spent four decades in public office and would make a great National Chaplin if such an office existed, holds himself out to be a role model and thinks leadership is important,his write-in vote for McCain is another example of the shallowness of his democratic values. Unfortunately, Gov. Kasich’s kindergarten thinking is just another brick on the pile of reasons about why he’s still not mature enough, even at the ripe old age of 64, to occupy the Oval Office.

Ohioans will have to wait and see, exactly, what the Steve Jobs of government innovation proposes in his final state budget. Uberizing government, as John Kasich said is his goal before leaving office, is more rhetorical flim-flam from a man who fails to say what he will do and who ignores what he hasn’t done in the past that’s matured the Republican Party into its current state of fatigue and exhaustion.

Voters nationally rejected John McCain in 2008, and Republicans rejected John Kasich in 2016. When historians write Kasich’s political epitaph, an edition that may come sooner rather than later, his silly silly season vote this year will be one of the funnier footnotes.