Who would have thought it possible?

Who would have thought that in a single ugly moment the head of America’s leading investigative agency would have thrust the presidential campaign into turmoil that could seat a madman in the Oval Office while at the same time self-inflict a stain on his own career that will be more than a footnote to political history?

Who would have thought that James Comey, the Republican FBI director, could have been so feckless to tempt the electorate with cryptic references to potential-possible-probable-yet unexamined-but maybe pertinent – red flags pointing to the Democratic candidate in the final days of the election?

Remember this: Comey is no back-alley hack of Donald Trump, who has perfected the big lie for American consumption. Supposedly, he knows his way around Capitol Hill and allegedly is well qualified to weigh the do’s and don’t’s expected of a man in his lofty position. Oh?

In the wake of his alarm bell, we have learned that he has no idea about what he’s talking about. None. He’s admitted that he has not seen any incriminating evidence, but to cover his own ass he’s advised congress that something might, or might not, be in the air about something that didn’t appear on Clinton’s private emails. And that she hadn’t sent them. Mind you, he doesn’t know. And the investigation could extend well beyond the election.

Folks, shouldn’t we expect a higher level of performance from a person who is now the target of critics who are stunned by his violation of FBI protocol that has ignited rebukes from so many stunned experts. Even top-level people in the Justice Department advised him to remain silent.

The FBI does not comment on investigations that are under way.

Speaking from experience as a former newspaperman, I know that to be true. On the several occasions over the years that I called agents to fill in a few blanks on a story I was politely told: “Sorry, we do not comment on ongoing investigations.”

Remember the name: James Comey. It is sure to appear in the history books as the potential pivotal point of a presidential campaign that put 320 million Americans at risk. Shameful in a democracy.