From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ohio’s quirky, petulant and off-putting governor, who tried in vain this election season to convince Republicans that he was the “adult in the room” candidate for president, showed just how childish he is, and how silly a seasoned silly season politico can get when his terribly bruised super ego gets so out of whack that he just doesn’t give a hoot anymore.

That was the case Monday when Ohio Gov. John Kasich showed the world how dysfunctional his mindset is by casting his precious vote for a candidate who isn’t running for president, and who isn’t on a long […]

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Comey’s Coma?

On November 1, 2016 By

Who would have thought it possible?

Who would have thought that in a single ugly moment the head of America’s leading investigative agency would have thrust the presidential campaign into turmoil that could seat a madman in the Oval Office while at the same time self-inflict a stain on his own career that will be more than a footnote to political history?

Who would have thought that James Comey, the Republican FBI director, could have been so feckless to tempt the electorate with cryptic references to potential-possible-probable-yet unexamined-but maybe pertinent – red flags pointing to the Democratic candidate in the […]

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With one week remaining until the 2016 election for president is over, the heat on emails and servers just got hotter, as reports show a secret server registered to Trump Tower in New York City appears to be communication in a strange way with a bank in Russia.

Donald Trump has maintained, when asked if he is somehow backed by Putin or in business with Russian investors, a flat denial. “I mean I have nothing to do with Russia,” he told one reporter

On a conference call Monday with reporters, Hillary For America [HFA] Campaign Manager […]

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One of the fascinating phenomenas about watching the orange dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump campaign burn down the Republican Party, is that GOP leaders have had to save themselves from being engulfed in the flames through a variety of ways.

Most Republicans have utilized the stop, drop and roll techniques we learned in fire safety classes. Former Virginia senator John Warner and former President George H. W. Bush — as well as a slew of others — have stopped supporting the Republican candidate entirely, and will instead vote for the Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Others, like Republican […]

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