Donald Trump, the fantasy billionaire who bullied, talked over, and near the end of the third and final presidential debate, held in Las Vegas Wednesday night, interrupted Hillary Clinton for the umpteenth time, calling her “such a nasty woman,” mopped the floor with his crazy self in the duo’s final face off of this election cycle.


Donald Trump at the end of the debate on Wednesday. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

The man whose small head and small hands look like they were Photoshoped onto someone elses overweight body, was judged by some talking TV heads to have delivered his best effort of his three debates. It exceeded, if that was possible, his scary performance in last week’s second match up between the two candidates in St. Louis, in a town hall format where Trump demonstrated how serial sexual abuser stalks a women who doesn’t court his company.

If stamina is an issue, as Trump has repeatedly says it is, Hillary Clinton demonstrated hers yet again, persevering with clear-eyed  calmness the Donald’s outright lies, delusional accusations and, most shockingly, anti-democratic paranoia about stolen elections as the nation and world watched him boil over for most of the 90 minutes the two were on stage together.

“Just landed in Ohio. Thank you America- I am honored to win the final debate for our MOVEMENT,” Trump tweeted around 3 in the morning. The movement Donald talked about, based on the style and tone of his campaign over the last 15 months is more akin to a bowel movement than a real political movement. At the same time, a CNN poll showed that a majority of viewers gave the win to Hillary Clinton, making it three in a row for the former secretary of state.

What hath the Republican Party wrought with its Trumpstein national standard bearer creation? The GOP’s man-made monster has jumped the shark from the time he first descended the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, to tonight when his mean, unshackled loony tune persona, both funny and freightening that needs psychiatric help more than votes, was again on display as Exhibit A for why he’s mentally unfit to be president.

Trump’s wife Melania told two reporters from rigged networks that her husband is such a gentleman. But by remaining behind his podium tonight until after Hillary walked over to shake hands with Fox News moderate Chris Wallace, because there wasn’t going to be any final pressing of the flesh with the Donald, he showed for all the world to see just how rude and not a gentleman the man to women even though he claims no one respects women more than he does.

Hillary Clinton was a powerful clean-up hitter on every question Wallace pitched. The Donald soon settled into normal bully mode and stayed there throughout the evening. Trailing in rigged polling that shows he’s gone downhill after the first rigged debate, Trump dropped jaws around the globe when he answer a simple question with a simple yes or not on whether he would accept losing?

“I’ll look at it at the time,” he told Chris Wallace, who asked him the same question twice, adding, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”. Trump, who never apologies for anything or to anyone so he can attack with more fury, tightened the noose already placed around his neck from previous statements he’s made over weeks and months about not accepting defeat, now that rigged polls forecast an ignominious conclusion coming his way in less than three weeks.

It appears that no reporter has asked him whether he voted for Hillary Clinton or her opponent in her two winning campaigns [2000, 2006] for Senator from New York. Yet, according to CBS, Donald Trump was quoted saying in 2008, “I know Hillary and I think she’d make a great president or vice-president.”