Wednesday Oct. 12, was the first day of early voting in Ohio. It’s been 15 months since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, and three months since he won the Republican nomination for president in July.

Now that early voting in Ohio has started—recall that voters can cast ballots in more than a dozen other states too—the one-time seesaw battle between Trump and Democratic presidential nominee seems no longer to be a toss up race. Fresh polling from Baldwin Wallace that surveyed a robust pool of 1,100 likely voters that included two third-party candidates, Hillary Clinton can see the 18,500 supporters who showed up Monday night to watcher her drill down on the Donald as she further defined what her administration would do reflected in the polling that shows up with a nine-point lead in always critical Ohio.

Clinton’s campaign, recognizing their leads in Ohio and other battleground states but cautioning supporters and still undecided voters that they are campaigning still like they are way behind, released a video titled “Final Meltdown” that shows just how unhinged Donald Trump has become following two presidential debates with Mrs. Clinton, that she won by demonstrating her level headed temperament and thought out policy proposals versus the Donald’s mean and nasty accusations and lack of much substance on how he would do what he says he wants to do to Make America Great Again.

Trump isn’t the only candidate who can unshackle himself, as headlines blare he is ready to do. Hillary Clinton isn’t a shrinking violet when it comes to politics, especially this year when she’s poised to become the first woman in the nation’s history to be elected president.

When it comes to playing the gender card, as Trump and Republicans have long accused her of doing, she’s reaping the rewards of women waking up to the choices before them, especially in the wake of revelations last week that Trump self-confessed to be a serial abuser of women.

Based on an average of recent polls, Hillary Clinton is up 15 points among women and Donald Trump is up 5 points among men, Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight reported today. “Based on this data and the FiveThirtyEight model, if only women voted in the election, Hillary Clinton would win with 458 of 538 electoral votes,” he observed, adding that “if only men voted — this used to be a thing in American history, you may recall — Trump would win with 350 electoral votes.”

fullscreen-capture-10122016-110700-amThe Baldwin Wallace University poll, which if correct would be a fatal blow to Team Trump, shows the former New York Senator and secretary of state has surged to 43 percent to 34 percent for Trump in a four-way race. Twelve percent favor one of the third-party candidates and 10 percent are unsure, the poll said. When the race is just between Clinton and Trump, she’s in even better territory with 48 percent for her versus 38 percent for him.

It’s widely been reported that 40 percent or so of registered voters will be ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8. If that number holds up, Ohio and other key states like Florida and Pennsylvania could be insurmountable for Trump and national Republican Party leaders who are sticking with him, even though he’s turned on all other Republicans who have said they can’t vote for him, a list that includes Ohio Gov. John Kasich and others who jumped in the race only to get clobbered by GOP base voters who thirsted for blood instead of hopes, hugs and inspiration.

Hoping to maximize their grassroots campaign advantage in Ohio over Donald Trump’s, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper, former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell, and City Council President Zach Klein, candidate for Franklin County Prosecutor will be aboard a bus that picks up Ohio State University College Democrats and brings them to the Franklin County Board of Elections for the first day of early voting.

Meanwhile, President Obama, whose popularity is now at 55 percent, will be the features speaker Thursday at a dinner and fundraiser sponsored by the Ohio Democratic Party in downtown Columbus. President Obama has been on the campaign for Hillary Clinton, his main rival in 2008, just like many others, including her husband Bill’s vice president, Al Gore, who was with her in Florida yesterday, putting himself up as Exhibit A for why every vote counts.

Gore lost Florida by 537 votes in 2000, when the contest ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court, where by a 5-4 vote, Republican George W. Bush became the 43rd president. Gore helped Clinton keep the issue of climate change alive even though Donald Trump says it’s a hoax conjured up by China.

The Baldwin Wallace poll of Ohio voters is certainly good news for Team Clinton. In the national race, though, more good news waited Team Clinton as a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows the Donald falling further behind Hillary, as she now leads him by 8 points among likely voters. One in five Republicans say Trump’s vulgar comments about groping women disqualify him from the presidency.