Rob Portman, who is continuing to grope for  a subliminal moment with the Trump crowd, is now saying that he will write in Mike Pence’s name on the November ballot.  Yippee!  That’s one way to save face  for his long delayed disavowal of  Donald Trump.

At least the theocratic Indiana governor said he could not put up with Trump’s adolescent sexual trash talk and promised to pray for him. And Rudy Giuliani, who sees a possible fat appointment to a Trump cabinet vanishing,  is defending him now as an imperfect human being since Jesus is the only perfect one. Can we agree that  Giuliani is an unhinged court jester?   (Are we having any fun yet?)

Until Trump sealed his place in history as the boy on the bus, I had  ranked him somewhere between Mad King George  VIII and Crazy Guggenheim . No more.  He and his Tic Tacked kisses are are in a vulgar no-class column of his own.  Even the Tic Tac company issued a strong statement denying Trump access to its corporate brand. And it’s not running for reelection as the Republican (!) senator from Ohio.