Today it feels like we’re watching political history being rewritten in real-time. Since yesterday’s revelation of grotesque comments in which the GOP nominee for President brags about sexually assaulting women and more, Republicans across the country are running for the exits. So far (and this is a fast-changing story, so bound to be wrong by the time we publish), dozens of prominent names have said they could not vote for Trump and 31 have called upon the nominee to step aside and let someone else (the popular choice is Mike Pence) run.

As of now, only John Kasich has said he won’t be voting for Trump. He’d already been a Trump critic, so this was only a slight shift on his part. Kasich has not said whom he will support in November.

And among the state’s other eight statewide elected officials (we’re not counting Supreme Court justices… yet), only two have issued a statement denouncing Trump’s words, but not his past actions, and neither of those intends to change his vote.

Here’s Senator Rob Portman, yesterday:


And this evening, harsh words from Attorney General Mike DeWine, but no indication the state’s chief law enforcement official intends to oppose the self-proclaimed serial sexual predator.


So, just to recap, here’s where we are as of this writing: