Not that it mattered, but I dozed through some of the vice presidential candidate debate.   It had a dark mausoleum effect on me, particularly when poor Mike Pence was  being forced by Tim Kaine to own up to the lies of Herr Trump .  The Indiana governor merely responded with faked innocence by shaking his head while offering up a Mona Lisa smile in denial.

It was the sort of warm milk and cookies approach that attends Pence on his chosen path to the Pearly Gates. He lives unwittingly by Yogi Berra’s idea that “I didn’t  really say everything I said”.

His record back home in Indiana contradicts  the benign profile  he’s trying to  project on the goodness meter. He dropped out of seeking a second  term as governor when Trump  decided that the ministerial snow-topped Hoosier would be no threat to upstage him in his own noisy bid for the White House.

You may have read that Pence, disregarding pleas to approve a needle exchange  in  an Indiana county where HIV was out of control from dirty needles.  He  said he first needed time for prayerful guidance before acting one way or the other.  He finally approved the exchange after a two-month delay.

Earlier, in 2015, his political fortune plummeted when he signed a highly controversial  Religious Freedom Restoration Act  that permitted those with religious objections from serving LGBT’s.

He  supported one of the most restrictive  abortion laws in the country, drawing the wrath of Planned Parenthood and  others. He also was an early champion of the Tea Party.

And now there’s  general agreement in Indiana that if he had chosen to seek reelection he would have been a loser.

Sorry, Mike. Your popularity won’t  rise as Trump’s chauffeur.   But pass the warm milk and cookies anyway. .