The Beacon Journal’s Doug Livingston  led us down some questionable off-ramps in his front- page report on Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Akron Monday night. Among the standout eyebrow raisers was his  observation that Hillary is “white knuckling a shrinking lead in the polls”.

C’mon man.  Does anybody really believe that this battle-tested woman is campaigning with white knuckles?   Or is that a weakness in the instance of a female often derided by her thuggish  opponent, Donald Trump,  who claims she is weak and has no stamina?

And about those shrinking leads in the polls.  Quite the opposite of late and readily available  to reporters Monday night.

Livingston also fussed over the weakness of Hillary Akron crowd in Goodyear Theater , 2.600, contrasting it to a much larger crowd drawn by Trump.   The reporter noted unused chairs that had been set up in hall for Hillary. And that Hillary had not been in Ohio since Labor Day – nearly a month ago which really doesn’t seem a terribly long time in a national campaign.

Finally, there was no mention of any reaction from area   Democratic officeholders, including Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan, who along with U.S. Reps. Tim Ryan and Marcia Fudge,were on the stage to welcome Hillary.  Not a big deal, unless it is Presidential Campaign 2016, when Republican pols,  even those who have endorsed Trump, wouldn’t dare appear on stage with the Republican nominee.

All in all, Summit Country Democratic Party  Executive Director Peter Nischt described it as a “really exciting positive round” .    At least the Beacon Journal could have asked and inserted it to replace one of the downers in the story,  don’t you think?