Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s visit Monday to Ohio, where she’ll deliver an economic speech in Toledo and end her day with a get-out-the-vote rally in partnership with the Ohio Democratic Party in Akron, Business Insider is revealing through an official and exclusive op-ed that will also run in the Akron Business Journal that Buckeye State basketball star Lebron James, a poor kid raised by a single mom who brought an NBA championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time this year, will endorse her for president.

James, whose nickname”The King” is well deserved since he earned it the hard way through hard work and perseverance, says he wants his children to understand the importance of giving back to the community. With two NBA championship rings as proof of his prowess and skills on the basketball court, he knows that “no one achieves greatness alone” because it “takes everyone working together to create real change.”

“When I look at this year’s presidential race, it’s clear which candidate believes the same thing. Only one person running truly understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty. And when I think about the kinds of policies and ideas the kids in my foundation need from our government, the choice is clear. That candidate is Hillary Clinton,” he writes, as Ohioans seem ready to drift away to Donald Trump, as recent polling shows him slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton.

The timing of Lebron’s endorsement comes none to soon as new national polling shows Hillary Clinton with a six-point lead in a four-way matchup against Donald Trump. Clinton campaign sources tell Plunderbund that Mrs. Clinton is expected to return to Ohio before Election Day, now just 36 days away. Her former two-term president husband Bill will help get out the vote in Athens, Steubenville and Canton Tuesday and Wednesday.

Recall that when citizen John Kasich first ran for governor in 2010, he pretty much told LeBron James good riddance when the hoop star left the Cavaliers to go south to Miami where he won his first NBA championship with The Heat. Gov. Kasich has found it difficult to say much of anything good about James himself ever since he returned, but that’s par for the course for this professional politician whose crusty personality finds its nearly impossible to congratulate or compliment others whose light out shines his.

With just two years left in office after his long and losing campaign for president ended in early May this year, Gov. Kasich should but won’t learn something from Mr. James’ personal life story, his astonishing achievements on the court, and his real commitments to the community through a family foundation that he funds himself—unlike Donald Trump’s well documented family foundation that uses other people’s money for his own self-aggrandizement. LeBron James’ story is the real story of hope and inspiration Ohio’s self-centered and now lame duck leader tried but failed to communicate to the nation at-large.

John Kasich stands in a long line with other like-minded Republicans who say they can never vote for Hillary Clinton yet defy commonsense by rallying around the dangerous Donald after once declaring they could not support him. Once anti-Trump Republicans like Ohio Auditor David Yost, who was a state co-chair for John Kasich’s reelection campaign this year, is now reported to be on the Trump Train.

Matt Borges, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, an influence peddler with a conviction record of selling state favors as chief of staff for a former Republican state treasurer and who John Kasich rewarded placed atop the state party after orchestrating a palace coup in 2011, showed his wrecking crew bonafides Mr. Kasich likes when he called Hillary Clinton a liar and a criminal.

While Republicans like Yost and others capitulate to Donald Trump, John Kasich shows his cowardice by refusing to say whether he’ll vote for Trump or a third-party leader like Gary Johnson. The usually glib governor has found a new way to rig for silent running: “My actions speak louder than words.” He’s successfully avoided telling it like it is no matter what on which candidate he’ll cast his vote for, if he votes at all, since he says without precious little explanation that he can’t vote for Hillary.

Unlike the tongue-tied Kasich, The King has no such qualms. Driving to the political bucket, daring anyone to stop him before he executes one of his famous house-shaking dunks, he says of his choice, “I support Hillary because she will build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama. I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy.”

Last week, Jame’s good friend, President Obama, who Gov. Kasich has no kind words for, invited the petulant, off-putting governor to the White House to help message congress on the need to support and pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, an international trade arrangement both Hillary and the Donald oppose in its current form. Kasich got to spend some time in the White House press room afterward blathering on about the glory of so-called free trade, a favorite topic for pro-business, anti-worker GOP officials.

Meanwhile, that appearance was touted by more than one mealy mouthed Ohio reporter as evidence that this year’s biggest loser will be a contender for president in 2020. That long-shot pipe dream got trotted out again on Sunday by another syndicated media priest who kissed the governor’s behind again in an gratuitous article that made it sound like the soon-to-be out of office hard-right governor will have a better chance four years from now than he had this year when he became the butt of national jokes, couldn’t raise much money, then lost 49 states.

So while Republicans who once thought they were showing moral courage by bucking their party and its terrible nominee, but who have since fallen in line despite the outrageous and preposterous stories surfacing about Donald Trump—including his failure to pay any federal tax for maybe decades and his apparently illegal solicitation of funds to his foundation that were subsequently spent on the Donald himself—Gov. Kasich’s insistence on driving in his own lane of isolation even though its a road to nowhere is tripping over ant hills on the way to the pyramids.

At the same time, LeBron James, the kid whose hard work overcame all that was stacked against him as an African-American kid growing up with a mountain of hardscrabble obstacles to overcome, knows exactly who he’s voting for and why. His words now speak as loud as his actions as he tells the world to follow his lead and vote for the right person.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done in Akron, Northeast Ohio, and all across our great country,” the King said. “We need a president who understands our community and will build on the legacy of President Obama. So let’s register to vote, show up to the polls, and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

The Washington Beltway crowd has written off Ted Strickland in his race to upend John Kasich’s good political bosom buddy, Sen. Rob Portman, who media has amnesia about as the budget director under George W. Bush who teed up the Great Recession for everyone.

But when the King speaks, lots of people, especially lots of young people of voting age, listen. Maybe, just maybe, straight talk unsullied by the kind of Bible babble mush that became the trademark of Ohio’s term-limited chief executive might surprise the world by turning out the vote in sufficient numbers that Hillary Clinton can go to sleep on Election night knowing Ohio ended up having her back.

If LeBron’s endorsement works as well for her as his return to Cleveland did for the Cavaliers basketball team, it will be his biggest, most thunderous slam dunk ever. Like Muhammad Ali before him, he will have “shook up the world.”