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Six members of the cast of The West Wing joined about 250 Democrats Sunday afternoon at a back yard event in Clintonville to excoriate Donald Trump and laud Hillary Clinton.

Two other prominent cast members who hail from Ohio, Martin Sheen and Rob Lowe, were not among the cast members who roused and energized the crowd that did show up on a beautiful afternoon, including Allison Janney, a Buckeye from the Dayton area, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Joshua Malina and Mary McCormack.

Each took turns at the microphone mixing humor with serious politics, as they stated why […]

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With the Election Day on November 8 just a scant 45 days away, the 2016 election in Ohio just got a lot messier in the wake of a ruling by a federal district appeals court that state election officials violated the National Voters Registration Act by wrongfully purging eligible voters.

Muddying the waters further, Ohio’s chief election officer has decided not to send absentee ballot applications to 1,032,775 registered voters who didn’t vote in the 2012 or 2014 federal elections or who are thought to have moved, an investigation by the Akron Beacon Journal [ABJ] found. Stated another […]

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What a difference 100 years can make in the editorial life of a very conservative newspaper based in southwest Ohio. Until Friday, The Cincinnati Enquirer has only endorsed Republicans for President of the United States going back a century.

The last Democrat the Hamilton County paper endorsed was Woodrow Wilson, in 1916, a segregationist who went to the Oval Office after serving as President of Princeton University. But times and candidates change, as we all know too well, given who wants that position today and what the nation can expect in return for voting their candidate of choice into […]

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With the November election now just 47 days away, the decision Friday by a federal appeals court, ruling the state’s purge of eligible voters violates the National Voter Registration Act, arrives at a critical time, as the presidential contest between Democrats and Republicans is essentially a toss up race in the critical battleground State of Ohio.

The AP reported today on the decision involving The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio and the public advocacy group Demos, two groups that had challenged the state’s process for maintaining its voter rolls, claiming it illegally drops registered voters based on their failure […]

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For certain personal reasons, I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about and resolving what I can do to be better. How can I be more aware of others? How can I be more considerate? How can I be more thoughtful? What can I do to practice more kindness, listen more closely, live with more empathy, give others more love?

This has to do with the fleeting nature of time; the fact that life is fragile, precious and short, even to those who live a long time. It has to do with what David Foster Wallace called “the […]

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Her husband was in Reno, Nevada, Thursday at the University of Nevada trying to put the Silver State in the Democrat’s win column on November 8.

While Virginia’s Washington Senator Tim Kaine, a former city councilman, mayor, Lt. Gov. and governor, was campaigning out west, his wife Anne Holton was campaigning in the Midwest, in Delaware, Ohio, where polls show Ohioians are waffling between Clinton-Kaine and the Republican ticket of New York billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump and his super conservative ticketmate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Mrs. Kaine told a small group in the county seat of Ohio’s […]

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Junior Skittles : Like Father, Like Son

On September 22, 2016 By

When Donald  Trump Jr.  breezily compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles, it revealed once again the Trump Culture so coldly detached from today’s bloodily inhuman  conflicts. At 38, “Skittles” Trump, as he shall now be known,   is  the dauphin who someday will inherit billions from Daddy’s purse and sees no reason to cast himself today as a worry wart over other people’s hardship.

As news sources begin taking a closer look at him, they are finding copious evidence that he has become the poster figure for right-wing militants, racists and other  radical groups  that  joined his father to […]

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There’s probably only one political entity in our dear state that despises the Ohio Republican Party more than the Ohio Democratic Party, and that would be the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Yes, thanks to a variety of new regulations and obstacles created by Ohio’s GOP — as covered here on Plunderbund and elsewhere — the Libertarian Party of Ohio is technically not even a recognized political party anymore. This assault on the LPO began in 2013 when the Ohio State Senate fast tracked S.B. 193, dubbed the “John Kasich Re-Election Protection Act”, a law that completely restructured Ohio’s rules regarding the statuses of minor […]

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On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said his outrage of the week is Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s challenge of President Barack Obama’s proposal to strengthen overtime laws.

Ohio’s AG joined officials from 21 states to sue the U.S. Department of Labor Tuesday over a new rule that would make about 4 million higher-earning workers eligible for overtime pay. The lawsuit came the same day that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and more than 50 other business groups filed a legal challenge against the regulation, the AP reported.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez said […]

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In case you don’t spend your day refreshing Twitter, you missed a pretty hilarious side show in the 2016 race for President.

It all starts with a story that broke overnight about  an interview with the Chair of Donald Trump’s Mahoning County operation, who shared some pretty deplorable thoughts about racism… read it for yourself, but here are some fun highlights:

Miller was quickly ousted by the campaign, which is currently struggling to court African-American voters. Replacing her is Tracey Winbush, an African-American talk show host and former Kasich supporter. As soon as campaign reporters began adding Winbush to their Twitter […]

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A week ago Friday, Ohio’s 69th and now term-limited governor was sitting in the Oval Office in the White House with a few other business and political leaders seating in close proximity. The group’s topic was the Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] and why the controversial trade agreement should be passed by Congress before the next president takes over next January 20th.

Maybe, when he closed his eyes, John Kasich dreamed that the power players in attendance, including billionaire and former three-time mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson, the former Secretary of the Treasury for President George W. […]

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