From the party whose foul-mouthed leader says that he knows more about ISIS  than all of the generals, who insists that Mexico will pay for his wall, who asked Putin to hack Hillary’s emails,   who built his favorite tower on the backs of undocumented Polish workers, whose career has moved from one bankruptcy to another, who lives each  day with a vision of his name added to the U.S. Constitution and his face on Mount Rushmore, I am ashamed to admit as an Ohioan that the GOP political class in Columbus has  endorsed him.  Gov. Kasich is the only one who hasn’t.

The roll call of these pale soldiers of Trump fortune includes  Atty. Gen Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Jon Husted and Treasurer Josh Mandel .  What must they be telling their grandchildren and friends about how they sold out  their remaining honor for alleged party loyalty.

Add to the list  Sen. Rob Portman, the Republican whose commercials are mega-lies being marketed as a guy who is “fighting” for something. Really?  Think about that whopper  as he retreats from offering a firm dismissal of Trump.