OK. It’s behind us. The historic first debate between Donald and Hillary, I mean. Considering the media hype, I hung on to the end hoping to see the Martians land. lnstead, it was Donald the Mud Wrestler being Donald the Mud Wrestler and Hillary the Calm Diplomat being Hillary the Calm Diplomat. Sorry if I gave away the ending.

Obviously, even Roger Ailes, the predatory media exile who was Trump’s advisor for the debate, didn’t do much good. You discovered that much when Trump credited himself with being smart about not paying taxes. And despite volumes that recorded his approval of the Iraq invasion he held fast to claim that he was a peacenik. He continued to be a dummy on foreign policy and NATO.

The highlight of the evening, however, was when he tapped his base and advised everyone that Sean Hannity could verify his side of the story for the Iraq invasion. Sean Hannity, whose Fox News audience would believe him if he said President Obama pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

Folks, in 90 minutes we saw the condensed version of the Full Exclamatory Trump, huffing and mugging, with rubbery lips, talking over Hillary’s words, at sea with logic to remind us that he was a successful businessman with investments all over the world, the very world that he otherwise has no use for.

When the subject of internet security came up, he denounced America’s failed efforts to deal with it without referring to his plea to Vladimir Putin to hack Clinton’ notes. I have a headache.

Although most of the gurus declared Hillary Clinton the winner, it was left later to reverential veep candidate Mike Pence, Trump’s Little Sir Echo for goodness sake, to praise his boss as a forceful leader while shrugging off any concern about climate change as a hoax.

We shouldn’t “rush into” dismissing clean coal, he said, because there’s plenty of science that it can be done.

Pence has been a climate denier for years and has received great bundles of cash from such deniers as the Koch brothers for his campaigns.

That didn’t come up during the debate, but maybe it will be a topic of interest when Pence hits the stage with Democratic veep candidate Tim Kaine next week. Meantime, although there seems to be a great disconnect in personal style and conduct between Trump and Pence, it’s possible that the GOP nominee lured the Indiana governor with a promise of a hotel or luxury monastery on a mountain top in Greece.