I’ve spent the last few weeks watching this election in a post surgery percocet haze. I don’t recommend drug use mixing with politics but, it’s worked for me lately. Now that the treatment is behind me I’m appalled by everything.

Close polls are disturbing though in 2012 polling gave us President Romney. So, I’ll stand back a bit there. The polling does give us a snapshot. And this selfie of America shows the worst of us gravitating to The Donald. His running mate Mike Pence is the anti gay/pro life poster child for the far right. The alt right drones embrace Trump for bringing their world view into the mainstream and spreading the conspiracy driven view of America.

Debate one was a microcosm of this campaign.

Hillary came out armed with those damned facts. Donald swung back with his usual a la carte menu of lies, half truths, conspiracies and personal attacks.

Trump seemed on point during the first half hour on trade. Although as HRC got a dig or two in I saw his veneer slipping after that. At about forty minutes in he started to lose it.

Bankruptcy,  stiffing contractors and not paying taxes made him a smart businessman. He called America a third world nation. Then he started to dig his birther hole and wouldn’t unhand the shovel. It seemed every time Trump opened his mouth Hillary pushed him a bit, causing Don to be defensive. He was repeatedly denying things he’s said on tape. Donnie interrupted Hillary over 50 times. He interrupted a black man and whitesplained  race. Trump spent an hour looking like a deer in headlights. He pushed discredited lines of attack and had his clementine colored ass handed to him. He went full misogynist going after Rosie O’Donnell for no apparent reason. He attacked and rehashed his mistreatment of a former Miss Universe.

Trump was vacuous on policy. His base tenants were shown to be the smoke and mirrors they are. He broke out the dog whistle orchestra on stop and frisk. We need to use it on those people. We need to take guns away from those people on the street for looks only. He kept telling POC they’re living in a dystopian hellscape.

Hillary had a difficult time early. Trump rocked her back on her heels a couple times on trade deals. She seemed slow and flat footed in her defensive responses. This points to work that needs done and messaging honed prior to the next debate. I seldom agree with Scarborough but he was right. When Trump asked Hillz what she’s done for the last 30 years she should have just rolled out a litany of the accomplishments of the Clinton admin, her Senate career and time as SoS.

As usual though the winner/loser is colored by the view of who is looking at it.  Trump voters thought he won. Clinton voters thought she mopped the floor with Trump. I’m waiting on polling to see just what kind of movement there is.

This race seems far too close. Ohio is making me crazy with these lead flipping, close polls. We have to hope the Obama coalition holds. I would certainly like to see Gary Johnson and Jill Stein take their political policy absurdities and leave the stage.

Maybe a close race is good. The biggest enemy of Democrats is complacency. If Trump doesn’t get you out to at least vote, we may actually find what caused the societal hellscape of Mad Max.