In case you don’t spend your day refreshing Twitter, you missed a pretty hilarious side show in the 2016 race for President.

It all starts with a story that broke overnight about  an interview with the Chair of Donald Trump’s Mahoning County operation, who shared some pretty deplorable thoughts about racism… read it for yourself, but here are some fun highlights:

Miller was quickly ousted by the campaign, which is currently struggling to court African-American voters. Replacing her is Tracey Winbush, an African-American talk show host and former Kasich supporter. As soon as campaign reporters began adding Winbush to their Twitter lists, an interesting message appeared:


Looks like Winbush was trying to purge her archived Tweets before anyone took a close look, but unfortunately the utility she used sent an automated tweet informing the world (pro tip: don’t use that utility).

Hmm, what kind of tweets was she trying to hide?



Oh. No big deal, just accusing the guy you support for President as a ridiculous godless tyrant. Normal campaign stuff.

After deleting her tweets, Winbush was back, like a Twitter virgin:

At least now that the drama is over, Winbush can get down to the important business of dispelling rumors about her chosen candidate by restating the horrible things people are saying about him on Twitter:


Yeah, good luck with that.