Her husband was in Reno, Nevada, Thursday at the University of Nevada trying to put the Silver State in the Democrat’s win column on November 8.

While Virginia’s Washington Senator Tim Kaine, a former city councilman, mayor, Lt. Gov. and governor, was campaigning out west, his wife Anne Holton was campaigning in the Midwest, in Delaware, Ohio, where polls show Ohioians are waffling between Clinton-Kaine and the Republican ticket of New York billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump and his super conservative ticketmate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Mrs. Kaine told a small group in the county seat of Ohio’s fastest growing county that she resigned her job as Secretary of Education for Virginia, a job she hoped to have for a long time, after her husband accepted Mrs. Clinton’s offer to be her running mate so she could hit the road for the ticket full time. The lawyer and former judge made a pitch to about 50 Delawarians, about engaging neighbors and friends in discussions about the election, as she  did earlier at a stop in Dayton where she participated in a roundtable discussion on education issues.

Out west, reports about her husband’s remarks said Sen. Kaine laid out the plans that he and Secretary Clinton have to build an inclusive economy, one where the nearly 1 in 5 Americans with disabilities can lead rich, full lives, where workers are able to earn a living wage, where paid family leave is at last a reality and responds to the needs of 21st-century families, and where anyone willing to work hard enough can attend college debt-free.

Watch the event and listen to Holton’s remarks.