The world isn’t flat and President  Obama is not a usurper.

We’ve known about the flatness thing since our kindergarten days.

But it wasn’t until Friday Sept. 16, 2016 that we  were informed by Donald Trump that the president was an American citizen in good standing. In a deplorable 27-second statement, the deplorable Republican candidate said  Barack  Obama was born in the United States. PERIOD.

Period? As the deplorable candidate explained  , he wants to get back to making America great again. For starters, he should get out of town.

Until yesterday, Trump had suckered his fans into  believing that America’s first African-American  president was a terrible hoax.  At one point he had assured us that an “extremely  credible source” had described Obama’s birth cerfificate as  fraudulent. What could the deplorable Republican candidate think about Obama’s birthplace?  He urged hackers to expose Obama’s college records..  He’d planted that idea in his fans  to question how a mere black guy could have found his way to Harvard ,

But wait.  Still in his deplorable Twilight Zone that has so deplorably magnetized so many of his supporters, Trump blamed the whole deplorable five -year   birther    saga on Hillary Clinton. I can’t make this up. Besides, polls tell us that a majority of his supporters prefer to believe  all of the ignoble lies he spreads around.

He then deplorably  turned to guns, accusing his opponent of wanting to kill the Second Amendment (deplorably false).  But just when you think he may have bottomed out,  he asserted that Hillary’s bodyguards should give up their guns, darkly and deplorably adding that it would then be interesting to see what would happen to her when she is unprotected.

That was the second time  he had referred to her safety.  In an earlier speech, he lamented that if she is elected she would appoint anti-gun judges.”There’s nothing we could do about that,” he said, unless the Second Amendment people stepped in. Ugly.

This is deplorably monstrous stuff, folks, from a guy who also promised to blow Iranian ships out of the water – and provoke a war? – if their crews made taunting gestures at our ship.

From his racist theater of the absurd, Herr Trump wants to b e your president and mine.  If it doesn’t terrify you, you haven’t been paying attention.