It’s been a horrendous year  for the national media ever since it grabbed a deranged tiger by the tail as the alleged Republican presidential candidate. Nor were many of the network gurus prepared to accept America’s first woman presidential candidate. I mean, a country as big as ours that Donald Trump, whose rap sheet would traverse Lake Erie, wants to make great again by keeping a mere unqualified “crooked”  female out of the Oval Office?

Ah, but the network execs were saying at the outset that Trump was an audience builder, a marketable quantity when they defended cutting away from the scheduled programs for look-ins at a Trump town haller  of the  Daughters of the American Revolution in Holy Hell, Texas. Having solely played the rating games without a clue to the perils of their acts, they now are reaping the horrific  possibility they have an uncontrollable  monster on their hands who isn’t even grateful for their charitable exposure of his campaign. (More than once, he has described the media as “miserable liars” –  which is what he says about anybody who disagrees with him.)

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories are having their way in the carpet bombing of Hillary Clinton.  Matt Drudge questions to his crowd whether Hillary will even survive maybe  the country’s first known case of pneumonia. Other right-wingers like Dr. Rush Limbaugh says she might have had a seizure.  There has been a serious discussion – yep, on Fox – over whether the shape of Hillary’s glasses strongly suggests she has brain damage. That tells you something about the “base” that they are hustling.

Fox News, which has had its own gender problems,  is now firmly situated as the National Enquirer of the networks.   No theory is too outrageous to  ignore for the gossipy Hillary haters.  What else is she hiding?    Back in the 1980s, a local Republican county chairman was whispering that she might be indicted in the Whitewater case.  She wasn’t. but it sounded good at party fund-raising time.

I know I’m missing something when  I’m told that  she can’t be trusted.  For what?  A slip here and there? It’s become a convenient  bromide without top soil.   If you want to talk about trust read up on Trump’s fake  “university”  and his foundation in which he claimed credit for millions of charitable dollars that he converted from other people’s contributions. That  was  no more than millions and millions.  We know because veep nominee Mike Pence, Trump’s sad sack  cupbearer forever fending off the Trump-haters by checking the soup and liquids for poison,  told us with a straight face on TV that we all know that Donald Trump has given “tens of millions to charity.” He said what?

After a months long investigation, the Washington Post’s David Farenthold found that he had only parted with $10,000 of his own money the past 8 years and even that gift  is questionable.

While the mainstream media was trying to catch up with the conspiracy theories on the right, often overplaying  it for …um…”balance”, it was left to a  respected woman reporter, Christiane  Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent, tor turn up the lights on the flash mob that dashed to a so called “health conspiracy”. Noting that the mainstreamers were guilty of  sexist coverage of  Clinton, Amanpour was quoted by Media   Matters from her own CNN show:

“But surely this can’t be a case of a human being having an off day.  Nope like so many things Hillary, the media are having a field day, off to the races  with another debilitating case of indignant outrage.  This must be another typical Clinton conspiracy to fool them with a total transparency breakdown.  Talk about a transparent breakdown, what about Donald Trump’s tax returns – where are they?   Can’t a girl have a sick day or two?  Don’t get me started because when it comes to overqualified women having to try a hundred times harder than unqualified  men to get a break or level playing field . Well,we know that story.”