Did it surprise you to learn that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican Veep candidate, wants to be Dick Cheney-2?

C’mon.  Even in jest, the times are too  serious to attach such idiocy to the snow-topped Republican who is proud of his reputation as a man of deep religious conviction.

But there he was on ABC’s “This week” as Cheney-2 by telling the audience,  “I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American”  and hopeful of being his role  model. I wonder if anybody reminded him that Cheney was not a candidate for Mount Rushmore. He left office with a public approval rating of  little more than 12 percent.

Beyond that, Pence committed himself to helping  Trump to “make America great again.”

There’s always a question in my mind, however,  of how a preacherish politician can claim such holiness while at the same time abusing the people he’s supposed to represent.  He recently delayed for months  a needle exchange for drug users in Scott County Indiana as a H.I.V.  epidemic worsened.

(He finally OK’ d the exchange after “praying on it” for months.)

Pence is also fervently  opposing  in court the granting to Syrian immigrants social services in his state – all of whom  thoroughly vetted by immigration services.

After once decrying Trump’s pledge to bar immigrants from American soil, as “unconstitutional,” Pence now says he likes the idea.  There might be much more Cheney-2 in him than I had first imagined.

Finally,  unimpressed with an exhaustive  Washington Post investigation that turned up little  or no charitable donations by Trump, Pence says, pish, he’s given away tens of millions.

We can see what a Trump administration would bring  into his fantasy realm. If you must wretch,  the kitchen door to the backyard is unlocked.