Today, Republicans in Congress demanded that any funding for the nation’s response to the Zika outbreak must be paired with harmful new gifts to their most extreme constituencies.

Taking a bold stand for the confederacy

confederate-flag-banned-cemeteriesHouse Republicans added an amendment to the bill that would block Planned Parenthood from providing contraception to prevent the spread of the virus (which, unlike most mosquito-borne illnesses, can be transmitted sexually). Another amendment eliminated an existing ban on flying the confederate flag at federal cemeteries, because we are still fighting wars from the nineteenth century, apparently. Others attacked clean water and the healthcare law.

Instead of insisting on a clean funding bill, given the public health emergency, the GOP-controlled Senate pushed to end debate and force Democrats to vote on the bill, knowing that they couldn’t swallow the poison pills it contained. And Ohio’s Rob Portman joined his fellow Republicans in favor of moving the measure.

Portman and the GOP Agenda

When people talk about Rob Portman, they might say that he came out for gay marriage (after learning his son was gay) or that he avoids appearing with Donald Trump (whom he endorsed) or that he generally seems like an OK guy because he isn’t on TV screaming all the time.

But the truth is, Portman votes with the GOP majority when they need him to. In this case, it was to leave the nation without a response to an urgent public health threat in order to stand up for white nationalists and against Planned Parenthood. Other times he’s stood with the GOP to block increases to the minimum wage, equal pay for women, prevailing wage on taxpayer-funded projects and to repeal Obamacare. Portman is currently helping to block hearings on President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, preferring to save the seat for Donald Trump to fill. Think about that for a second.

This Zika standoff tells you everything you need to know about the GOP majority. Rob Portman is a reliable vote for the extreme far-right agenda, which is reason enough to give his election a second thought.

  • Turn Hearts

    If you look into the Bible, the US flag has flown over more evil than the Confederate flags (3 national flags and a battle flag) ever did. The Bible condemns murder (abortion: we have slaughtered over 58 milllion unborn children since Roe v Wade), men having sexual relations and the Bible allows secession and slavery.

    The Confederacy was a more righteous nation than the USA according to God’s Word which is not respected any more in this country.

    Old times there are not forgotten….

  • Sandi Parker

    The Bible is Hebrew … and its people, the Children of Israel.

  • SlapFat

    Even for an internet comment section your remark is off-topic and psychotic. Did you mean to post it somewhere else?

    “Old times are not forgotten….”

    That little adage could also be akin to obsession- in this case with who knows what on your part.

    The piece was about Sen. Portman and his oily tendency to make votes that side with ideological extremism while he very calmly laments the lack of moderation in the Senate.

  • SlapFat

    Are you the sort of person that only reads the comments beneath an article and not the article itself? You appear to be that variety of poster since you responded to an irrelevant comment with yet another irrelevant, mystic comment.

    “The Bible is Hebrew … and its people, the Children of Israel.”

    The Necronomicon is written in English- and your comment is in English. Coincidence?

  • SlapFat

    Senator Portman is a nuisance because he very blandly says one thing while voting the same asinine agenda. What’s annoying most of all is that this approach seems to work with Ohio voters as much as did for Voinovich. With regard to senators it’s as though the facade of moderation is enough for people instead of the actual voting record.

  • Sandi Parker

    I did read this article titled: “Portman Takes a Bold Stand For The Confederacy”. My immediate interest was as to why, Portman and the GOP made the passage of this Zika health-spending bill, contingent upon a fixed display of an anti-American banner on U.S. military veteran cemetery grounds. I’ve yet to see a valid rhyme or reason for such a blatant display of unpatriotic behavior by US lawmakers.

    Then, a comment was posted here, attempting to dismiss such posture: “The Confederacy was a more righteous nation than the USA according to God’s Word”.

    Say what? Blasphemy say I !!!

    btw, the Bible was “translated” into English … not written.

  • Turn Hearts

    I am defending the CSA. The South was right politically and morally. Get over it.

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