TrumpFIt was painful to sit all the way through Donald Trump’s imperious bluster on immigration Wednesday night that left the experts debating what he had really said. (As if he knew himself.)

In his most florid incoherence of the campaign after meeting with the scorned Mexican president, he boasted that he would deport two million illegal aliens his first hour in office. Better add a few more donkey carts.

He said he would build a “beautiful” wall and make Mexico pay for it. How? He didn’t say. Still, the flash mob in
Arizona roared its approval. Tell me: Have you ever seen a “beautiful” wall that would be so ugly?
He also yelled that American jobs would go to American workers – this from a man who does a lot business overseas. Also from the man whose Trump Tower was built on the backs of underpaid, 8o-hours-a- week illegals known as the Polish Brigade that slept on a concrete floor in mid-winter.

Or how about the models that he brought into the country with tourist visas and then had them work illegally?

The speech’s setting made it even worse. As Trump in his full narcissistic glory promised that he would heal America’s troubles as quickly as you could say “Thank you, Mr. President,” he stood before five large American flags that represented the heart and soul of our proud “Nation of Immigrants”. The disconnect between the Stars and Stripes and Trump’s monstrous doctrine of division (including banning immigrants from Syria and Libya) reflected a country being swept into Trump’s depraved con game.