Reince Priebus, the alleged chairman of the alleged Republican national party, just settled the issues surrounding Donald Trump’s historic immigration “tour de farce”. Priebus, as it is now certain, is a jellyfish who has been following Trump around the high volume circuit. But it hasn’t been confirmed that the billionaire madman has promised his servile surrogate a hotel (in Aleppo) , a casino, a yacht, a sit-down with Vladimir Putin, and his own reality show as the face of the alleged party. So Priebus joined a former KKK leader, and leaders of racist and white supremacists in praising Trump’s darkest hour.

In saluting Trump, Priebus effused: “No one wants to do anything but be humane and fair.” Cool.

Can you imagine Ray Bliss stooping that low when the GOP was still a major party?

David Duke, the ex-KKK boss, bubbled that the speech was “excellent”…Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance, a white nationalist publication, foamed that it was it a “hell of a speech. Almost perfect”. And Richard Spencer, president of a white nationalist think tank, asserted “Trump is back!”

And Priebus can now claim that the long awaited expansion of the Republican base has now been accomplished during his watch with the GOP swollen with KKKKers and other pale faces.