After about 40 years in professional politics, which brought him more fame and more money than dedicating his life to the Lord as he once thought he would do as a Catholic priest, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is being out articulated by a comedian and TV personality on why they are not voting for Hillary Clinton this fall.

In a report by The Washington Times, Daniel Lawrence Whitney, better known by his stage name Larry the Cable Guy [LTCG], joked recently on Fox and Friends’ that a Clinton presidency would bring about the “end of the country.” That short quip better explains why LTCG won’t be on Team Hillary compared to Gov. Kasich’s fear of explaining why he also won’t vote for Mrs. Clinton, or support in the most minimal manner his party’s nominee for president, Donald J. Trump.

History from not too long ago, August of 2015 in fact, at the first GOP presidential debate, John Kasich pledged to support the Republican candidate. Once it was clear it would not be him, and that signpost came early on, first in Iowa and then in New Hampshire, Gov. Kasich did what he does best, took his pledge and went home.

The line John Kasich uses now to stop reporters from quizzing him about his thinking on both the major parties’ nominees is classic basic Kasich. “There has been no change as far as I can see; it’s the same old thing,” Kasich said, adding his new line to avoid talking about the Donald: “I’ll just let my actions speak louder than words.” End of sentence. Period. Don’t ask him again.

While Republicans by the scores are crossing party lines to get behind Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, Gov. Kasich, who is waxing romantic—bordering on the delusional—about the 2020 race even before the 2016 race for the White House is still not settled, hasn’t had a press conference for even longer than Republicans claim Hillary Clinton hasn’t. Not a fan of the free press, John Kasich operates in his own bubble lane, where Fox News is his chief platform to hem and haw and be vague about why he was such a bust on the campaign trail, where he lost 49 state contests and one only one, Ohio.

“I say I’m a Trump man, and when I say Trump man, I mean Gary Johnson,” LTCG said. “I know who I’m not voting for. Well, I’ll give you the initials: Hillary Clinton.” LTCG said he wants a change, as does Mr. Kasich. But unlike Ohio’s lame duck governor, who by 2020 will likely be out of elected office, especially if he decides to challenge his party to take on Ohio’s senior senator Sherrod Brown, who won’t shy from the battle as history shows when he thumped Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel in 2012, LTCG added a little scatology to his remarks on Hillary Clinton winning the Oval Office.

“It’s kind of like the choice is, let’s see, ‘Do I want to poop my pants, or do I want somebody else to poop my pants?’ So, I dunno, I think I think I’ll poop my own pants.” Mr. Kasich, who will be 68 in four years, might try joking more about why he has twice been rejected for the job than making surreal comments on holding out to run a third race when he might well be out of sight and out of mind among a GOP electorate that could change big time after this year’s races are finished.

“Hillary will be the end of the country. That’s all I got to say,” LTCG said, the WT reported based on an interview broadcast on SiriusXM.

“Now I’m a comedian so I said that — now do I like Hillary Clinton? No. am I going to vote for Hillary Clinton? No,” Mr. Whitney said. “Do I honestly think she’s going to destroy our country? We’ll still be a country. We’ll still be America. But I think she’s going to hurt it a little bit. But we’ll still be around,” he said.

Kasich’s lack of contact with Ohio media is stunning for a leader who keeps repeating his mantra meme that he knows how to unite people around common sense solutions. Gov. Kasich has shown he can’t even unite hard boiled members of his own party, let alone bring Democrats over to his side on more than the occasional outlier issue. He’s done more to divide people—defunding local government and schools, making access for women to their constitutional rights so much harder, helping to suppress voting and limiting third party access to the ballot, enabling more income inequality through his obsession to cut income tax rates—than unite them.

Maybe John the Governor Guy should take a page from Larry the Cable Guy’s book about explaining why he will or won’t do something, including why he’s so anti-Trump when his Republican buddies are bolting in droves to the Big Orange Machine. And if he intends to not vote for Trump or Clinton as he claims, then not voting is latent teenage petulance on display or he’ll bolt the party entirely if he goes for Libertarian  Gary Johnson or the Green Party’s Jill Stein.