David Prentice, executive secretary treasurer of the Tri–County Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO, raised a valid question at an outdoor gathering of Democrats this week that I didn’t see reported anywhere. One of several speakers assembled on the county headquarters lawn to criticize Donald Trump’s refusal to release his 2015 income tax returns, Prentice referred to the Republican candidate’s excuse that they were being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Prentice then wondered why Trump didn’t release his 2014 returns. ”That should have been a done deal,” he told me later,

Indeed, it should have been. But not if the billionaire thinks what he paid in taxes is nobody’s business. Some
years in the past he didn’t pay any taxes, and if he hides his returns for 2015 he will be the first major presidential candidate who didn’t release them.

So Prentice makes a strong point: Why not, Donald J? Or to use one of your favorite words, have you decided to “rig” your entire candidacy?