First-term Massachusetts Congressman and Iraq veteran Seth Moulton was in Columbus Tuesday, to explain why he thinks GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump would be a dangerous leader whose world views could endanger families across the nation and in Ohio.

After Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech in Youngstown on Monday, Congressman Moulton defended Hillary Clinton. the Democratic nominee, as steady and experienced, a leader who will keep the country safe. Included in his list of Trump criticisms was a lack of foreign policy knowledge and dangerous world views.

On the same day, Mrs. Clinton’s pick for vice president, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine accused Trump of maligning military families. Since in some critical states they can sway the way the states, goes, Kaine’s and Moulton’s comments represent strong passions that carry weight when Election Day rolls around.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly said the American military is a disaster…Anyone who says the American military is a disaster is unfit to be commander in chief,” he said, the AP reported. Kaine, a good friend and working colleague to Ohio senior Senator Sherrod Brown, was addressing a Democratic audience near the North Carolina base that houses the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division.

Kaine kept Trump’s criticism of the Muslim parents of a soldier killed in Iraq in 2004 alive and aloft. “Going after a Gold-Star family? What an embarrassment,” Kaine said

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia finds himself a strange bedfellow to Republican leaders in other states that also have multiple military installations, such as Colorado, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina, who have blasted Mr. Trump on his insensitive and politically inadroit remarks.

Still, Donald Trump has hardly backed down from his hyperbolic claims last week that President Barack Obama and Mrs. Clinton are co-founders of ISIS. His false claims about how ISIS arose have been roundly debunked as untrue, but his temperament seems incapable of admitting error.

Seth Moulton said he expects Democrats to pick up seats in the U.S. House this election cycle, given the current dynamics of the match-up between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. There may be method to his madness, as one national reported. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza opined on tweets by GOP pollster Robert Blizzard of Public Opinion Strategies that the idea isn’t as far fetched as once thought. The ability of Republican candidates to separate themselves from the top of the ticket has limitations, typically in the 5-point region, Blizzard notes.

Cillizza concludes that Blizzard’s calculations suggests that “if the bottom drops out on Trump…there are a good number of Republican-held House districts that could suddenly collapse with him.”

Moulton conducted a similar event later in Dayton.

The Bay State lawmaker was joined by Columbus City Councilman Michael Stinziano Jr. and State Representative David Leland, who both expressed confidence that Columbus and Franklin County would continue it’s “blue” streak by voting for Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Trump.

According to Rep. Moulton’s congressman’s website, he was elected to Congress in 2014 on a platform of bringing new, bipartisan leadership to Congress. His focus is on economic growth for Massachusetts families and improving veterans’ health care through the VA, where he still receives his care. His committee assignments in the 114th Congress are House Armed Services Committee, House Budget Committee and the House Small Business Committee.

When congress returns to Washington in September, included on the agenda Republicans will move on will be criminal justice reform and various budget appropriation bills needed to start of the next federal fiscal year in October, a staff member said.