There is nothing more apparent in the Trump theater of the absurd than to see how his minions are squirming these days to make up things to somehow explain his incoherent howling as a presidential candidate.

There’s Mike Pence, for example, who is known to wear his Christian principles on his sleeve and daily bread as Indiana governor now playing Trump’s blessed hood ornament for evangelicals. Pence responds to the critics of his boss’s dangerous call to Second Amendment action against Hillary, by merely saying the billionaire is “a good man”. That should relieve the jitters among some of us that Trump is an erratic agent of violence. Is that how the Christian manifesto works? They didn’t tell us that in Sunday school,

On this and other misspoken issues, Trump unapologetically says he was just being “sarcastic” , a notion broadly seconded by Plain Dealer right wing editorial board member Ted Diadiun as “something that clearly was a throwaway line meant as a joking rallying call.” (When jokes have to be explained to the masses by rabble-rousing candidates, they are no longer jokes.) Oh, our PD guru and angry old white guy describes the sour public reaction as “phony outrage.” )

Then there is the sorriest actor to emerge on the election stage, Rudy Giuliani, hopeful of returning to political relevance with a fright mask like the phantom of the opera. His madman body language alone is enough to reveal him not as Prince Valiant but rather as a cartoonish villain. He has

now introduced the thought of gangsterism to describe the Clintons.

And what about Reince Priebus, charging up to the microphone at a Trump rally to assure us that the Republican party is once again united despite all of those nasty things that the GOP nominee has said about Republicans. It is at this moment in history with Trump and his damn “unified” party opponents that recalls essayist and columnist A.J. Leibling’s acidic description of the move by the old Scripps-Howard Columbus Citizen into the building with its rival Dispatch. Observed Liebling: It was a matter of ” two hermit crabs living in the same shell.”).

And what about all of those Trump quislings – Republican Trump deniers in their dreams only – who must face embarrassing questions through Election day and well beyond in the history books about the awful things they did last summer to survive their chaotic candidate’s flash mobs. I should stop right here before I start feeling sorry for Ohio’s forever squeamish senator, and Trump supporter, Rob Portman.