Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is forever restlessly in a campaign mode. At 38, the Beachwood Republican has already won two terms to the Ohio House of Representatives followed by his successful quest for treasurer. But wait . He’s now setting his stage to challenge Democrat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2018. So as the saying goes, life is short, eat the dessert first.

As a warmup, he served as Marco Rubio’s Ohio chairman in the GOP primary field, which was more for Mandel’s workshop exercise than for Rubio’s benefit.

The Plain Dealer recently reported that Mandel has already unlocked his campaign gates for celebrity attractions with a $2,500 private fundraiser attended by Carly Fiorina, one of the many Republican primary losers this year.(Not that Josh is desperate for cash. He and his wife Ilana Shafran Mandel, are worth up to several million.)

He’s even reached out to Donald Trump with an endorsement and a multiple player deal that sent several of Mandel’s VIP staffers to fill out Trump’s Ohio settlement , which is window dressing inasmuch as Trump would be the first to tell you that can run the whole thing by himself. Still, Trump’s Ohio State director, Bob Paduchik, called it an “all-star team”. Of course.

Among them is Seth Unger, who will be the Trump Pence communications director with 5 years experience behind him as Mandel’s senior policy advisor and communications director. Also aboard will be John Roscoe, who will coordinate the Trump campaign with Ohio Republican headquarters.

There will doubtless be others. And if Trump still loses in November?
Have I told you Mandel is running for the Senate in 2018?