CNN on Sunday featured Ohio Gov. John Kasich standing his ground on not being a Trump supporter, unless and until the New York real estate Titan undergoes a complete change in tone. Mr. Kasich reiterated his anti-Trump position then said he would never switch to Hillary Clinton, even though more and more Republicans of note are pivoting to support the former secretary of state, first lady and two-term senator from the State of New York.

New national polling shows Hillary Clinton’s bounce post-conventions is now bigger than Donald Trump’s by about eight percentage points. Some state polling shows her leading him by even larger margins, so if John Kasich wants to continue to get press by being never Trumpish, he’s just feeding the rise of Mrs. Clinton.

Ohio’s lame duck governor facially twitched his way through another softball interview with yet another big-money Beltway reporter, CNN’ Jake Tapper, who lobbed up big round ones Kasich could swing at with the same quirky answers he’s used to separate himself from Donald Trump, even though people he says he loves, like Arizona Sen. John McCain, continue to endorse the reality TV star no matter how much he bases them.

In the interview conducted at the Governor’s Mansion, where Kasich and his family doesn’t live because that’s the kind of odd ball guy he is, Tapper could have but didn’t ask Kasich one embarrassing question after another. What about the continuing cost to Ohio taxpayers on providing Highway Patrol protection for him as he jaunts off to Illinois or Arizona or New Hampshire or other venues to campaign for Sens. Mark Kirk, John McCain or Kelly Ayotte or others who find it difficult to say they support down ticket Republican candidates but can’t bring themselves to support the top of the ticket?

Tapper could have questioned Ohio’s CEO-style leader on why so many people are hurting in a state he and Republicans have controlled from top to bottom for nearly six years. Gov. Kasich has been unable for 43 straight months to meet or beat the national job creation average. Maybe that’s why Donald Trump, not Kasich, won Ohio’s hardest hit areas in the March primary.

CNN had the nine-term congressman in their clutches but never pressed him on why the husband of his campaign manager and former chief of staff, David Hansen, is still running around free when he likely violated both state and federal laws by willfully falsifying for-profit charter school data to help poor performing private schools lard in taxpayer dollars, then using the same fudged data to apply for federal funds. Those funds, once awarded but not distributed, have been frozen pending further review by federal education officials.

Had Tapper bothered to research Plunderbund on Gov. Kasich’s record, he might have bothered to ask John Kasich whether he knew about the Nixonian-style take down of Charlie Earl, the one-time candidate for governor for the Libertarian Party in 2014? The case arguing Kasich and company successfully knocked Earl off the ballot will be heard in a federal appeals court in Columbus on August 25th. LPO’s case makes a clear and convincing case that Kasich  campaign aides coordinated with Kasich political operatives, including the Ohio Republican Party, to off load Charlie Earl from the 2014 ballot.

Tapper let the 64-year old former Lehman Brothers banker again float the self-promoting idea that an aide of his who remains unnamed received a call from a Trump family member who offered Ohio’s 69th governor the vice presidency and control of foreign and domestic policy. Kasich brushed off the question, saying he never talked to Trump himself about it. It’s hard to believe that it ever happened in the first place, given the Trump campaign’s unequivocal slamming of John Kasich before, during and after the GOP convention in Cleveland. Recall, Gov. Kasich lost 49 GOP state contests and won just one, Ohio, but with less than 50 percent of the vote while Trump won in many of Ohio’s hardest hit counties.

As the election rounds the clubhouse turn, Kasich’s self-imposed obstinacy to be on the outs with Trumpsters and prominent Republican politicos who have said they are now for the Donald, which includes John McCain, who Kasich said he “loves” and who shouldn’t have to run for election anymore, and now the son of Jeb! Bush who has swallowed hard and lined up behind the Donald. Kasich pal and booster Newt Gingrich endorsed Trump long ago as did Ohio’s own junior senator in Washington, Rob Portman, have made the switch even though lashing themselves to Trump also endangers their election hopes this fall. On the other hand, John Kasich has found being anti-Donald wins him another no-news interview with media elites like Tapper.

Did Kasich Pique Pull The Plug On Wright State POTUS Debate?

In a blockbuster story no mainstream Ohio media will touch because they know it will shutdown their access to the state’s petulant chief executive, John Kasich’s well-known temperamental spite could be behind why Wright State bowed out of hosting the first presidential debate.

In his most recent Columbus Media Inisder article, John Hartman makes a good case that Gov. Kasich pulled the plug on funding Wright State needed to be able to afford the first of three presidential debates.

Dayton and Ohio went from hosting a signal political event that would be the talk of the country and the world to getting a black eye for canceling the event on allegedly false pretenses with no warning, wrote Hartman, who holds a doctorate in  journalism and taught it to college-level classes for decades.

According to Dayton Daily News, Hartman wrote “all was well in June 2016 when President Hopkins was quoted as follows: ‘Obviously we are hoping to get more support from the state because we have some significant security issues. Our hope is to continue to build the case that the state should support more of what we are doing.'”

“The Dayton newspaper subsequently reported that the Kasich administration had only contributed $220,000 toward an event that was to cost upwards of $10 million. Yet, and this is a big Yet, the Kasich-appointed JobsOhio, the black box operation that funds economic development activities, put up a whopping $10 million to bring the Republican National Convention to Cleveland last month,” Hartman concludes, connecting dots Ohio’s Big Eight newspapers are blind to or too afraid to do.

Kasich Fading To Black

Every move John Kasich makes now, as the days tick down to Election Day on November 8, only further isolates him as the sour grapes, spoiled sport candidate whose time in the national spotlight fades and flickers as the sun sets on his world of influence before he leaves office in two years.