One of the biggest losers in the Trump family so far has been tag-along Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. The Cincinnati Republican didn’t show much with his endorsement of Trump, nor has he taken the first step to withdraw that position. But as he is eager to inform us, he’s a “common-sense” conservative who wants what’s best for America. Blah,Blah, Blah.

So he decided what was best for him during the RNC in Cleveland was to seek photo-ops of himself in shiny new jeans puttering around at a Habitat for Humanity site. The big Ohio newspapers, including his hometown Enquirer, were not pleased by his lack of courage to repudiate Trump, the artful dodger.

I’ve referred to him as “tag-along”. You may recall that during Mitt Romney’s Ohio visits Portman stood next to him in every photo- op, leading more than one national media guru to suggest that he would be a natural running mate for Romney in swing state Ohio. To this day, I haven’t seen any explanation as to why Mitt chose another political hack, Paul Ryan, for his failed campaign.

Portman is in a tight race against former Democratic Ohio Gov Ted Strickland and is obviously trying to avoid reprisals from Trump’s rabid supporters. Indeed, Plunderbund quoted Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort , as saying Portman and Trump have a tidy relationship. “We are working very closely with Rob Portman,” Manafort said, “and running our campaigns together.” Let Rob and his common sense deny it.

I would remind Portman that Ohio’s liberal senator, Democrat Sherrod Brown, stood on the stage at the DNC and denounced Trump without fear of critics. Don’t you think that Tag-Along Portman should have learned something about courage from Brown?