If Donald Trump were to throw out  the first pitch at a baseball game, the errant  ball would doubtless crack the head of a fan in the right field stands.  Asked to explain the odd trajectory, he would only explain, “There’s something going on…There’s something going on.”

So we shouldn’t be too surprised that faced with deep concerns about his traitorous relationship with Russian President Vladimir  Putin,  Candidate Trump temporarily switched the narrative to an  attack on a Muslim Gold Star  mother who stoically remained silent as her husband, Khizr Khan, spoke to the DNC
about their grief from losing their brave son in Iraq more than a decade ago.  It was the most memorable moment from the four-day spectacle as Khan emotionally waved the U.S.Constitution  and dared Trump to read it.

The Republican candidate’s response to Khan, an American Muslim,  was typically another  Donald Trump  moment as he later not only  questioned her silence, but also wondered  whether the Clinton team had written Khan’s poignant words – it hadn’t – and implied that here was an example of how Muslims mistreat women.

That only worsened Trump’s monstrous reputation.  But it goes beyond that.   One simply had to ask why Trump’s wife Melania had nothing to say at the  RNC other than her programmed  speech with the sharpest paragraphs lifted  without attribution from Michelle Obama. So it would be fair to conclude that there’s nothing going on…nothing going on… in Trump’s head these days aside from these deranged moments serving his billion-dollar ego.