From the daily archives: Sunday, July 31, 2016

If Donald Trump were to throw out  the first pitch at a baseball game, the errant  ball would doubtless crack the head of a fan in the right field stands.  Asked to explain the odd trajectory, he would only explain, “There’s something going on…There’s something going on.”

So we shouldn’t be too surprised that faced with deep concerns about his traitorous relationship with Russian President Vladimir  Putin,  Candidate Trump temporarily switched the narrative to an  attack on a Muslim Gold Star  mother who stoically remained silent as her husband, Khizr Khan, spoke to the DNC
about their grief from […]

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The New Donald Trump

On July 31, 2016 By

Stung by harsh and abusive language by his critics despite his effort to be the kindly Caspar Milquetoast on the Trump Stump, The Donald last night revealed his dirty little secret at a rally. He will no longer be “Mr. Nice Guy,” he declared with evidence of flaming saliva emerging from his bottom teeth. Enough is enough from the wicked witch of the Senate! And , folks,you can take that to his casino.

As reporters scurried to learn the extent of his quick-change artistry to a new role as the angriest of old white guys,Trump led his ecstatic crowd to […]

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In two new commercials, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) lies about the actions that the Ohio Department of Education is trying to take to ensure that the school is properly following operating procedures.  The two commercials claim that “the Ohio Department of Education is trying to close” ECOT.

In reality, the Ohio Department of Education is actually trying to conduct a routine FTE Review to confirm that taxpayer dollars are being accurately delivered to the online giant.

Here is information from ODE’s FTE Review Handbook that describes the task ODE is attempting to complete per state law (referenced at the end):


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