President Obama’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development gave uplifting remarks to the Ohio delegation this week, as he thanked them for their work during the primary process. But he asked them to do a little more, given recent polling showing a tie in Ohio between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Born and raised in Texas, where he served as Mayor of San Antonio, Castro said it seems “pretty hard for Texas to go blue this year. He noted that the “rust belt” is going to be maybe the most important area of the nation. “As usual, your state, will be in the spotlight,” he said.

“In this election, I think the stakes are higher than they’ve been in a generation,” he said, adding, “We are a party that believes in expanding opportunity, not taking it away.” Hitting on a central theme of the Clinton campaign, Castro, who’s twin brother Joaquin is a Texas Congressman, said including people makes America stronger, raising the minimum wage to help put food on their table for their families is good, and that labor has always been a fixture of the middle class and “we need to support our unions.”

Turning briefly to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, Castro said he represents taking America backwards. Projecting ahead, sporting a big grin, Julian Castro said he looks forward to the moment on Fox News when Karl Rove goes berserk. He reminded the Ohio delegates that his daughter was at the convention four years ago when he spoke. This year, he said, he made sure she would be here again. “I wanted her to know she can be anything she wants to be.”


In the press gaggle following his remarks, Castro made no news, saying there’s a clear choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Trump says he’s the best businessman ever, but Castro said Trump thinks wages are too high yet doesn’t have a plan to increase them.

Asked by Plunderbund how to bring Bernie Sanders supporters into the Clinton fold, he answered in his personal capacity. “I’ve been very impressed with Senator Sanders. He’s gone out of his way, especially by putting Hillary Clinton’s name into nomination. Michele Obama did a great job to unify. You can see each day that the Democratic Party is getting more unified. And I’m confident that when we get into November, we’re going to have a very unified Democratic Party.”

Castro said Mrs. Clinton is strong on issues of trade and how to create economic growth, and has spent time in Ohio and knows Ohio issues. He added that her husband’s strong track record on jobs during Bill Clinton’s two terms in the 1990s is a preview of what she can do.