From the daily archives: Friday, July 22, 2016

Information released Friday by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Foundation shows the full economic impact on Ohio Social Security has for the two million Buckeyes who use it. Collectively, about 200,000 Ohioans receive nearly $33 billion dollars in Social Security benefits each year. These earned benefits provide economic security for Ohio families, but they also provide stimulus and serve as an economic stabilizer for communities throughout the state.

“In good economic times and bad, Social Security is a guaranteed revenue source,” NCPSSM spokesman Brad Wright said in a media release. Wright added, “In fact […]

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The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released June 2016 data on Ohio employment and unemployment. While experts called the data mixed, what wasn’t mixed is that Ohio Gov. John Kasich has extended his sub-par job performance streak to 43 straight months.

According to statistical information analyzed by Ohio’s preeminent job number cruncher, the year over year June 2016 Ohio job growth rate is now 1.72 percent, just under the national rate of 1.77 percent. “Thus, by a narrow margin, June 2016 is the 43rd consecutive month when Ohio’s job growth was […]

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