From the daily archives: Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Democratic National Convention Committee announced a list of elected officials Thursday who will address the Democratic National Convention being held in Philadelphia from July 25 to July 28.

Among the 62 on the list were three from Ohio: Senator Sherrod Brown, Congressman Joyce Beatty and Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney. Ohio’s leaders will speak about their support for Clinton’s vision of an America, a media release said. The core of that message is that America is stronger together, with an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. Additional speakers will continue to be announced throughout the […]

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There is likely little love lost between Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Toledo Blade Newspaper. The northwest Ohio publication is one of the state’s Big Eight legacy newsprint papers, and on occasion musters the editorial fortitude to rain hard on the CEO-style governor’s parade in ways the other seven rarely if ever do.

For the record, the Blade did not endorse Gov. Kasich in first run in 2010 or his reelection bid in 2014, so editorial “Sore Loser,” spanking Gov. Kasich on what he’s said and done this campaign season, isn’t the first time the daily paper has […]

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Day 3 In Cleveland

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Some  takeaways  from that thing  up in Cleveland:

While  Chris Christie, New Jersey’s intellectually challenged governor, was smugly trashing Hillary Clinton  as the RNC’s piñata in his speech to a bloodthirsty audience that shouted “lock her up!!!”, his state was in a stranglehold by his ordered shutdown of billions of dollars of road projects frozen in a legislative deadlock on funding. Meantime,  Christie’s pal, David Samson, has pleaded guilty for his nefarious role as the chairman  of the Port Authority of New  York in the Bridgegate scandal. Christie said he will look into the situation when he returns from Cleveland. […]

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